Zombie Hunter | Closed Area Block – Z Gameplay Walkthrough (PART 1)

Game Title : Closed Area Block – Z
Circle : MaraStudio
Code DLsite : RE278907, RJ270010
Download from: DLsite.

Closed Area Block – Z playlist:

A new game of marastudio, now available on dlsite.

■ Synopsis
Thirty years ago, human civilization had fallen to the point of catastrophe in an accident.
Water, air, food … everything that was originally needed for life was contaminated with a mysterious virus and became a vehicle.
Creatures infected with the virus gradually lose their senses and attack other creatures as if controlled by the virus.
As a result, the world’s population has fallen by a factor of 20 in the last 30 years.
Mankind has not yet given up.
Ten years ago, a research institution had successfully tested immunity against the virus.
However, block Z, where the research facility is located, was soon dropped by infected individuals, and communication with the outside ceased.
Survivors continue to challenge the closed block Z to obtain information on the immune substance.

■ Game contents
Zombie survival ACT game
The main character, Difania, explores the closed area to get the material and solves the mystery and goes deep.

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