xQc Reacts to The Game Awards 2019 Livestream

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  • 34:00 did not expect that

  • Grimes performance was cut?

  • Love all the snowflakes complaining about stadia when its running perfect for me lol

  • Damn, i didnt realize people were so sensitive when xbox is being shown 😂

  • Average ps fanboy: AhaAhahahahaAhHahah looks like a Fridge im so FuNNy loOOK mE.

  • 34:00 xbox reminder

  • Naaaa pale that lag is on your end

  • I freaking fangirled like crazy when Norman walked on stage 🤣🤣🤣

  • 55:42 Imagine playing Xbox with keyboard & mouse with a full sized tv in your face OMEGALUL

  • its funny that they have FF7 trailer here being that XQC chat now is at full blown war over it WEEBS MALD AYAYA Clap

  • PlethPleth

    Author Reply

    Holy shit green day is like a band or something thats PoggerChamp

  • LOL, the Hellblade II video was really laggy, don't blame the video, blame either your computer or your internet connection. It was also in 4K do you have a monitor or tv that can handle it?

  • 1:29:33 my country pog

  • everytime they show final fantasy there is that b*tch screaming in the background

  • 41:45 wtf skipped dansgame

  • Nobody:

    Chats reaction to every new release: Skate 4? PogU

  • Bugha only won because he is young lol. Rigged af

  • q qq q

    Author Reply

    The lady with Vin Diesel calling herself a gamer with awkward body language is the biggest kappa ever

  • NickNick

    Author Reply

    zoomer chat, feels old man

  • they really skipped grimes performance I'm out


    Author Reply


  • Best reveal trailer of all time… “It was all right…”

  • Did we all really for get about starwars


  • How was Escape From Tarkov not on the best community support list?

  • this video is sponsored my nord VPN

  • They called warframe "scuffed destiny" smh

  • idiots spamming kkomrade when its any country like sweden,finland,norway

  • no one:
    chat: lulW console 30 fps oh no no pepelaugh lulW omegalul console

  • xqc's twitch spamming cringe but in real life some of them dont go outside and have no social interaction

  • Oh god, im crying cant breathe i love you chat.

  • I’m really thirsty after this

  • H RH R

    Author Reply

    lol after that legendary Ghost of Tsushima trailer, what follow is a shitty xbox mobile game.

  • 36:50 I can’t be the only one that loved this

  • 2:04:32 MY HEAD!😫😭😫😭😫😭

  • AvianAvian

    Author Reply

    I don't think anyone in the chat has played Disco Elysium. It's a fantastic game.

  • NikaNika

    Author Reply

    Holy shit chat is pepega when Ewok was talking, they said she sounded old. SHE IS DEAF, NO IT'S NOT HER VOICE

  • i love when the chat say me?poggers in 12:20

  • Fuck all the zoomers who WeirdChamped Reggie

  • when i realised my favorite game wasn't on any off the lists :-:

  • i mean not to talk sht about bugha but i feel the other players deserved it more since most of his experience is 1 fortnite world cup while the other players have played in a ton more tournaments but thats just my opinion.

  • who else watched the whole thing without skipping?

  • 2:01:58 So we're not gonna talk about how Savor the W was playing in the background?