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What the Heck Are MSAA, FXAA, SMAA, and TXAA?!

– Here’s to another episode of the Minute Science playlist! If there’s anything else you’d like me to test or explain in this category, let me know in the comments below. The moral of this story: be mindful of which anti-aliasing methods you enable!

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  • Petition to have a bottle of Minute Maid juice on his desk in every minute science video, breathe to sign

  • the sad part is none of them remove jaggies only make the game blurry

  • U look like ur from a GTA V cutscene

  • Thanks Greg! Way to pack great and useful info in under five minutes!

  • "Lower resolutions like 1080p"
    – – Bomb has been planted – –
    > Adding Salt
    > Adding r/PCMasterrace
    -> Fight!

  • Your name sounds like it's supposed to be in an RPG. It's dope

  • TAA is the best.

  • So is MSAA Something good to turn on in games. Will it make the game look better?

  • Old video, but still very good. There seems to be very limited information on SMAA out there, and Google constantly redirects me to MSAA articles, instead. Why? Thank you for making this.

  • very helpful video now that i got gtav free on epic store. thanks.

  • But, But WHat about TAA ?

  • so basically if u turn any AA on you will have some degree of blur. I thought i was going crazy.

  • i can barely spot subtle differences whilst looking at still images, however i think it's impossible "for me" to spot those differences while i'm playing the game. so there seeems to be no reason for me to activate anti aliasing and lose precious fps. thanks for the informative video m/ rock on brother

  • in what cases i should use TXAA?

  • I don't care much I just use simple FXAA


  • I thought my 2080ti was broken since gtav was giving me like 30fps at 4k. Turns out MSAA was maxed out 🙂

  • another reviewer that just read the brochure out loud and did nothing

  • Don't worry. Now you have "DLSS" to reduce the monotony of "–AA".

  • Excellent video, thanks

  • en wow sin SMAA tengo 120fps y con eso activado tengo 67fps ? no entiendo de que sirve no veo una mejora en nada

  • Great clear explanation…thank you very much!!

  • My goto Video for A.A. 🤔 when my Gameplay was with my i5-2400 + 16gb + 1050 ti the choice was Simple : Fxaa 🕹 Now with my Ryzen 5 3600 + 32gb + Rtx 2060 8gb Super = 🤯 = at times ……… Thanx for Posting 🇵🇹

  • Postprocessing antialiasing is just not antialiasing for me, it's all fake and blurry and it doesn't do what AA should do. Improvement from FXAA to SMAA is very huge, but I still prefer maximal sharpnes and no artifacts during moving.

  • just got a 5700 amd sapphire pulse…can you do a video based on the difference in settings for Nvidia vs. AMD…basically which handles what better

  • 158 thumbs down due to not being smart enough to understand….good vid…thumbs up thanks for the vid

  • his camera looks like hes got the redux mod installed on it

  • I'm just playing around with Watch_Dogs settings to get the best graphics possible without sending my low-end CPU into meltdown

  • SQAA – squint your eyes and let the imagination fill in the gaps

  • If, like me, you can’t stand blur:
    – SSAA is best for dealing with all aliasing but is the most performance intensive
    – MSAA is second best, even just 2x makes a big difference in games
    – SMAA is less effective but still sharp

    I would avoid FXAA, TXAA, TAA like the plague unless you hate visual clarity.

  • soo which AAA is good?

  • went from 45 to 100 fps on gta 5 by turning off msaa? and honestly i cant tell a big difference

  • I'm here genuinely here because I wanted it for GTA V 😂

  • I don't understand why almost everyone dislikes FXAA, I think blurried edges adds an cinemathic effect

  • ZaraxZarax

    Author Reply

    1440p, fxaa on, MSAA x2 is perfect for me

  • Why i can't see any differ between them all… They look the same to me

  • SyfySyfy

    Author Reply

    Ok adreN

  • Haha, first time I ever hear somebody telling the viewers to dislike the video XD


  • No UNo U

    Author Reply

    FXAA, SMAA, and MSAA 2x+ looks blurry yet jaggy. While TXAA 2x is real smooth.

  • Could you speak human language……dont really understand (maybe it's just me too dumb)

  • Thanks! Just got Red Dead 2 for PC and this explained these settings for me!!!

  • thank you very much, you helped me a lot. and you are explaining it very good.

  • Not a lot of science in this video. Just a bunch of facts he looked up beforehand that he barely understands.

  • well, TAA use previous rendered fames to smooth and interpolate render, so it is performance free and make checkerboard rendering possible wich is a good optimised render solution.

  • awesome video. thx dude!

  • Hi dear can you please make comparison on anti aliasing vs FPS, it's pros and cons in pubg mobile, like spoting moving objects, distant objects and FPS count side by side

  • Thanks for the upload .

  • which algorithm will be best suitable for the new release of PC video game