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Boy Joy Episode 2 – Ranger’s Apprentice (John Flanagan)

What do “Army of Two,” “God of War,” and “The Simpsons Game” have in common? Nothing. Literally nothing at all. Except I’ve used them to bastardize a video game concept for the “Ranger’s Apprentice” YA fantasy series by John Flanagan.

While you were at your New Years “parties” drinking “beer” with your “loved ones”… I’ve been studying the blade🗡️

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Music and footage:
-Jubilife City Pokemon X & Y Music Extended HD
-Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Music: Travers Town
-Pokemon-Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky-Goodnight Music
-Shaman King – Master of Spirits OST (GBA) – Eastern Cemetery
-Guildmaster Wigglytuff: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
-Nicktoons Racing Music – Gritty City Circuit/Big City Clean Up (Hey Arnold)
-Fable 2 OST – Marcus Memorial
-Zelda Full Cartoon Series:
-D&D Cartoon Episode 1
-The Adventures of Robin Hood (1983)
-God of War walkthrough
-Army of Two: 40th Day Intro Walkthrough
-The Simpson’s Full Game Walkthrough
-Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury Longplay
-Aragorn versus Nazgol
-The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Full Walkthrough No Commentary
-Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough
-Adventure Quest Worlds: Gameplay review
-Fable 2 FULL Walkthrough No Commentary
-Inkheart Trailer
-Eragon E3 Game Trailer
-Eragon Movie Trailer
-Marvel Ultimate Alliance Walkthrough Gameplay
-John Flanagan explains the difference between Vikings and Skandians
-Zuko Through the Years
-Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Longplay
-18 time Dr.Cox was the only mentor we ever needed
-Climbing in Assassins Crees 2 and stuff
-The Sims Medieval Trailer
-Everytime when Bakugou isn’t angry (Dub/Sub)
-GameCube Longplay: Dragonball Z Sagas
-Skyrim: Special Edition- The May from end to end
-The LOTR: Conquest Trailer
-Sekiro Ape Guardian Boss Fight
-Dark Souls: All Bosses
-KOTOR2 Longplay
-Arkham Best Stealth
-[Assassin’s Creed 2] Shopping (PART 2)
-Every Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trailer
-Pickpocket is the best skill in the Skyrim skill tree
-8 Mile – Ending Battles
-Monty Python – French Taunting
-Fairy Tale Castles 4K
-Beautiful Scotland Highlands
-God of War All Kratos Boat Stories with Atreus
-Oblivion Cinematic – The Jerald Mountains
-Switchfoot performing “Stars” live 2005
-Fable 2 Coop
-Super Mario Odyssey All Outfits
-Far Cry 3 All scenes with Vaas
-Ranger’s Apprentice Camp 2013


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