The Game Awards 2019 Supercut

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  • WRAP! IT! UP!

  • Why is there a black man and a white woman in my game rewards!

  • Global Gaming Citizen is such a cancerous cringey obvious commie term

  • I'll never understand the whole, "I always see white men in video games instead of Afghan women"
    Video games were invented by white men. Deal with it.

  • LMAO

  • People only watched the Game Awards for the possible Smash Bros character reveal.

  • Minecraft is trash and boring, Fortnite is much better.

  • That sign was the realist thing there, spitting red pills…

  • Oh dear…. almost as terrible as the Oscars these days….

  • Wow i watched it Live and i completely forgot that I did,
    a whole hour… Wasted…

    watching the game awards

  • o.o

  • I never knew a circus can be cringy

  • Wait? Jump force? The hell is wrong with humanity…

  • The only two things I could remember was Reggie and the Goose Muppet

  • I always love these videos. Not just because they're so bad but…here it comes…and make sure to really think about this…

    …whatever THEY support and/or are excited about – everything they try to put in a positive light is things we should STAY AWAY from. So really they are helping us out knowing what to avoid like the plague. Thanks guys!

  • Thanks man. Now I have my daily dose of retinal cancer.

  • great they just ruined video games

  • more like Gaymers, am I right?

  • This was easily the worst one yet. Too much pandering and commercials.

  • sodom and gomorrah

  • 2:59
    The only good people i recognize on this award show

  • “ all the game have white pretty men” gee lady i know mario is hot as fuck but have you heard of metroid or tomb raider or like half the games ever made that star a female lead character 😂

  • First Catgirls and now sitting beside Ikumi (4:05)

    This man is highly cultural.

  • Thanks to you I don’t have to watch this thing to understand any memes if they ever come up.

  • 3:56 ._.

  • Mainstream has infected the game awards for far too long. They already have their own audience in E3, why don't they just fuck off and their agendas. It's incredibly obnoxious when we already see their propaganda everywhere.

  • G E T W O K E

  • I just hope that next year will be better; this year freaking sucks…

  • Quit vaping fortnite

  • This is why people stopped watching awards shows

  • You’re doing crowbcat’s good work.

  • I remember when playing videogames was so nerdy and not worth. Like "arent you to old to play videogames" now look at those leeches

  • Beaker was the best part

  • Nice try crowbcat

  • Empowerment em i right?

  • We should have our own gamer segregated awards,where only gamers can belong,feel safe and say gamer words.
    And have Nick Cage in Astartes armor beating any normie who tries to get in.

  • Can you do a video on Airsoftfatty? I think he is in trouble

  • The Gaming Tweet of the Year?! My Gawd

  • Lmfaooooo wtf has happened to the Game Awards? All this virtue signaling is such a trash heap..

  • 2:53 that ninja salt face made me so happy 🤣

  • Hope crowbcat uploads the actual Supercut. Wonder if Raid Shadow Legends is gonna sponsor it.

  • Honestly thought they had a foreign actress for Harley Quinn but after a few I realized she was just doing a shitty accent. Fit's perfectly with her upcoming movie.

  • When Crowbcat is nowhere to be found…..a new hero rises to fill his place