The Corporate Culture of Ubisoft

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• Ubisoft Ghost Recon Breakpoint Time Saver
• Ubisoft explains why it doesn’t release games on Steam
• Ubisoft’s Allegations
• Unemployment in Current Year
• Most players pick Alexios in Odyssey
• Horizon Zero Dawn sells 7..6 million copies
• NieR Automata sells 4 million copies
• Resident Evil 3 Remake ships 2 million in five days
• Resident Evil 2 Remake sales top five million since launch
• A Plague Tale Innocence Reaches One Million Sales
• Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice passed one million sales
• Bloodstained Ritual of the Night hits 1 million sales
• EA puts games on Steam


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  • Remember when Ubisoft used to be good?

    Back in 2003/2004 they released Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

    Loved it and perhaps the only few Unisoft games I brought that I really loved.

    Sadly the downfall of Ubisoft can be perfectly explained when they relied too much on Assassin's Creed and Rayman games and forgotten how to be cool in European/Canadian gaming.

  • I kinda like imagining what a actual corporate meeting would be like in a strip club it makes me laugh

  • Rapeysoft is what we shall call them now.

  • I only buy their games on steam

  • They are lying as always, as much as I hate Ubisoft I don't belive a single women crying "sexism" anymore. Notice how no one menttions how women bulling other women on workplaces even though it's a big problem too. Hmm, I wonder why?…

  • Most AAA Video Game studios and publishers started to milk and copy-paste their games the moment they became "corporate".

  • Virtue-signaling is just another excuse for Corporate Greed.

  • Ahh yes. They make the most inclusive games because they are not. Love it

  • And I used to think that Ubisoft was the "good counterpart to EA"… God I was such an idiot, glad that I now know the truth

  • Am I surprised, eh a little. Especially since these are all around Ubisoft in Paris. Last I checked, Macron is a fine example of a world politician with Virus Signalling tendancys, TDS and has made statements that nearly want me to write a letter to my senator to reconsider US relations with France.
    But to the company: Ubisoft, I would rather wait for evidence on those allegations to be proven true. Because some of that is, while possible, hard to swallow. And I'd rather not fall into a Projared situation. There is enough to dislike about Ubisoft as a company and their products, going after them on allegations alone (which are statements made without proof by definition) doesn't make us any different from the moral busy bodies we hate over on Twitter.

  • "Ubisoft is sexist and racist" …. why am i not surprised -_-

  • I have to ask. What is inherently bad about flirting with female employees? What's inherently bad about asking them out for drinks?

  • I haven't bought a single ubisoft game since ac syndicate. I'd much rather play tlou 2 three times in a row (i don't like tlou 2) rather than play a ubi game.

  • I do agree with Bayek being the main protagonist, because killing him off early like a weakling sounds stupid and also I'm not a big Aya fan, but however playable Elise in Unity sounded really good

  • Eh. Not defending ubi, but X to doubt until further evidence. A lot of these allegations are too general or overused. And this is coming from a wahmen.

  • Ghost of Tsushima is everything Assassin Creed has Failed to be.

  • This is particularly disappointing since Ubisoft, besides Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and other big mass-appealing generic cutscene shooter series, has always also made more niche titles, mostly in the RPG/Adventure mold, and these often do have great female protagonists. I'm talking Beyond Good & Evil, Child of Light, even Mario+Rabbids with Rabbid Peach. That's why I considered Ubisoft still the best among the big western game companies. Until now.

    AND still no news on Beyond Good & Evil 2.

  • It's funny to see so many companies screwing up by trying too hard to be diverse, with just a rare handful of good examples of diversity, and then Ubisoft is a hard 180 into '90s kid "girls keep out of the fort" culture

  • And here I am struggling to even remember the last Ubisoft game I even played let along bought…

  • also dont forget

    ubisoft store wants to own YOU

  • Ubisoft: "Female protagonists can't sell."
    Me: Allow me to introduce to you to Nier Automata, Final Fantasy, Hellblade, Control and more. Maybe put more effort in your games, it could be a risk but it's worth a try.

  • Everybody jumping on the ubisoft hate bandwagon
    I've been on that vibe since they tossed Rayman to the curb and were pushing Raving Rabbids

  • tl;dr Ubisoft is big dumb

  • well i almost never buy Ubisoft games anyway except for that one time i tried R6S and AC4 (the actual good one) thank god other releases are there

  • It's hard to imagine that Ubisoft used to make and publish good and innovative games.
    Far cry 1 and 2
    Prince of Persia
    Rainbow six
    Ghost recon

  • The tone of this video was very different and weird

  • Um… Ubisoft… You know that Metroid and Tomb Raider exists and were popular in the gaming community. I don't know what kind of a rock you are living on…

  • i say let normies gobble normieshit. at least they're not threatening my real games.

  • So Ubisoft is "open and inclusive" company while actually harbouring toxic and exclusive workplace environment. Shocker.

  • To this day I still regretted my own decision to buy the AC collection (AC1 to Syndicate) on Uplay alone instead of Steam. If I had known that Ubisoft would eventually pull the Epic stunt…

    Of course, the recent scandals makes it easier for me to ignore them.

  • I guess in the case that he a partnership. It comes down to them finally realizing origin is s*** and they'd be making decent to good money if they just released their games on Steam. Rather than try to compete against it. Nothing wrong with trying to compete against team but you have to be f**** good not try to create your own alternative and be worse than Steam! If you're worse than the person you're trying to compete against who you're trying to prove you could do better! You have failed good sir. The pathetic part is it took this long before EA finally realized they're just wasting their goddamn time and money. They were probably too concerned with believing if origin took off they be making way more then if they had gone with steam initially! And it probably took losing so much f**** money before they realized all the money that they would have visually received if they had gone on Steam from the start was guaranteed compared the origin where they were making the money they imagined they would! Insured these companies need to get in their heads that they should stop trying to go for Imaginary results and instead go for what's plain and simple I mean I kind of find it stupid when you could have been making 50 dollars per day but instead you give that up 4 a supposed imaginary number 100 when you're making 25 or less! The only reason you're still doing that instead of taking the previous offer is because like a gambler who doesn't know when to retire! You believe eventually those big paydays are going to come right in if you're patient! And it takes until you're in the red before you finally realize you should just took the first deal you would have been making money rather than far less than what was guaranteed to you with the alternative choice!

  • Male protagonist, female protagonist as long as they're decent character story is good and more importantly the game is good meaning game play! Because I'm starting to get tired of making video games more like movies than video games with cinematics making up more of the game than gameplay! Thank God some games know how the balance that s*** out where even if you have a long-ass cinematics oh, there's a s*** ton of gameplay the make up for having you watch those moments. Unlike some games that take the control away from you way too much that a 8-hour game is 6 hours of that being cinematics and only like maybe 1 hour being gameplay! I believe you fail if you do that because the only way it needs to be that is if it's a point click or whatever and even point and click some avoid doing that s*** where they take control away from you for way too long then they should! Well the good ones anyway

  • Examples on every syllable, the madman!

  • Wow. Ubisoft is finally winning the greed department against the infamous EA.

  • It's not that don't want to play games with a female protagonist, I don't want to play WESTERN games with a female protagonist, because it's a 90% certainty having a woman as the lead character will mean the story will be woke, Marxist garbage.

  • Proud to have not bought a ubisoft game in several years, don't plan on it either if they keep putting out crap like assassin's creed

  • Wow… I knew Ubisoft in recent years have made really questionable decisions with their video games, but, damn, I never knew about all the sexual insults they've done behind the scenes, it just makes them appear even more heartless than ever in modern years, and, the fact that they won't even allow their games to be on Steam because they'll make more money on Epic, even though EA has their games available on Steam (I can't believe that Ubisoft somehow managed to make EA seem less greedy), along with saying that video games with playable female protagonists wouldn't sell well despite the fact that there've been MANY cases where that hasn't been true (however, options is great when you avatars that speak, not much a silent one, though, I think Fire Emblem: Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon managed to pull this off really well) is just utter asinine… It just saddens me that Ubisoft used to care about making great games but now have fallen into the same category as a lot of other billion-dollar video game co-operations in recent times such as EA, Activision, Bethesda, and Blizzard such as being extremely greedy, and treat their employees like utter garbage… They even created 1 of my favorite video game franchises, Rayman (who I also personally consider to be their official mascot, but, nowadays, I really don't want him to be their official mascot anymore, if he ever was in the first place), and, I'm super worried that if make a new one they're gonna add in the modern bullshit in the game(s), and severely butcher it…I PRAY that it doesn't happen, but, knowing modern Ubisoft (as well as modern EA, modern Activision, modern Bethesda, and modern Blizzard), I'm not gonna hold my breath that much, if at all…

  • Profit-share only makes sense if you have a product that has an ongoing cost like say sneakers where for every sneaker you make, you spend a portion of that sneaker's revenue in material cost and even then, economies of scale make things cheaper. Video games on the other hand are infinitely replicable and therefore shifts the burden of revenue to volume because so long as the game isn't free, you will, with enough copies sold, recoup the cost of development.

  • My question is how truthful are these allegations due to the lack of evidence

  • I don’t even remember the last time Ubisoft took risks. They’ve been releasing and milking the same games ever since the release of the PS3/360 generation.