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Ten of Swords – The positive Energy: How to Read the Meaning

Interpreting the 10 of Swords in a Tarot Card Reading can sometimes feel a challenge. In this video I have explored how to use this card as a tool to find the positive gems that may not appear obvious when you first encounter this card.
Within the video I discuss how to use the imagery, colours and symbols to see the vibrant possibilities this card shares and what that would mean in a tarot card reading.
I hope you enjoy the video.
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Wishing you Light and Abundance – Kira
Light and Blessings – Kira


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  • I am so grateful for these video series. I have ADHD and sometimes reading books is really difficult for me. Videos is the perfect way for me to learn!

  • Fantastic and hopeful interpretation of this card. It's the final card in the Celtic spread that i pulled for work. I actually feel hopeful after listening to you. Thank you so much!

  • You are the best. Not seen any videos better than your tarot explanation..Kira you are just amazing.. please please make some videos regards timing events and occupation.

  • Over reacting, that should be my middle name lol..thanks 🙂

  • what is the meaning of the position of his hand? it was like a peace sign if you look very closely

  • Omgosh Kira!!!! This is the best interpretation I’ve heard and this has given me sooooo much insight. I’ve been pulling this card repeatedly and now I understand the positive aspect of this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  • I ask if my daughter father going to stop doing drugs anytime soon. And i got this card.

  • Thank you. Your information and presentation was lovely.

  • I just stared Tarot and asked what will happen in my final exam next year. I was really nervous about pulling this card, but after watching your video it makes sense. Thank you!

  • I got this card on a computerised tarot reading and it literally scares the life out of me! Said it meant disaster is coming etc and it would be really bad 😨 so I searched YouTube and came across you thankfully…. your explanation really helped me understand it properly, when you said it’s a past situation I was so relieved!!! Thank you x

  • As a beginner tarot learner, I've just discovered your channel a couple of days ago and am getting a lot out of it. Thank you for this wonderful and insightful explanation about the 10 of swords. Very helpful and spot on! ❤️

  • In love the way you interpret the cards! How can I learn the cards like this!?

  • Omg!! The best explanation ever!!!!! I understand it sooo much now!!! Thank you

  • I like you, good interpretation without looking like someone from another make me feel connected and ground, not offese to the escentric ones

  • Thank you for a great explanation!

  • Excellent useful interpretation of this image which describes how I feel today, thank you.

  • Oh kira thank youuuuu for the insight and positivity. That was august. We now here at the beginning of dec /// wondering where you are now. Im still falling mid air from that tower. Looking for a soft place to land. ❤️

  • SamSam

    Author Reply

    Thank you so much! I received the three of pentacles clarified by the wheel of fortune and 10 of swords and it just didn’t fit in with the rest of the positive reading as the outcome . You’ve brought me the clarity I needed! Wonderful

  • thanks for explaining this card, for me I see it as transforming ideas (death/swords)

  • Thank u for coming back! I have watched all of ur suit tarot card interpretations and they have helped me!

  • Interesting that at the very base of the card, the man's extended arm is giving us the sign of a benediction. The same sign given by the Hierophant card. I see it as an indication that all is moving in divine order; depending on card order. I always love hearing your insight, I especially enjoy your astrological connections. Thanks again. 💫