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SURPRISING Advanced Filter TRICK in Excel (You've Never Heard Of!)

With Excel’s Advanced Filter feature you can filter for multiple criteria and copy the filtered results to another sheet. But did you know of the trick shown in the video? I didn’t 🙂

In this Excel tutorial we cover a few important topics rather quickly:
1. How to use Advanced Filter in Excel
2. How to Filter results for multiple conditions using advanced Excel Filter
3. How to Filter results based on an approximate match – i.e. how to use wildcards in advanced filter
4. How to copy the advanced Excel filter results to another sheet

⯆ DOWNLOAD the workbook here:

To find out more about Excel Advanced Filter check out this video:
For Excel Filter Basics check out this video:

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  • Great!! Thanks

  • Very useful trick..

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  • Hi Leila,

    I have a question on how to combine duplicate rows and sum the values. I would like to do it with a formula not by consolidating the rows. I have been searching for a long time but with no success. Could you help me there.

    best wishes

  • Hi, when I try to do this in new sheet in same file, i am getting error message " You can only copy filtered data to Active Sheet". Need help

  • No

  • No, I never knew! I’m ecstatic. The datasets I deal with are enormous, too. Thank you 🙏🏽 Leila!

  • Hey thanks for sharing the trick but I'm getting an error while using this which says "extract range is not valid" – Pls advise

  • Great explanation Leila. I did know about the limited columns advanced filter trick – this is some img that Randy Austin does a lot within his VBA modules. It’s a great little trick that I have used a few times on work related tasks

  • I knew it about 8 years ago or so

  • This feature can be used in PowerBI Das function ?

  • No, I had zero idea. This is super cool and useful.

  • Thanks for this it's new for me

  • Wow, this video is too real…plus your voice Leila is perfect to listen to

  • Too good, Never even dreamed about it ! Thanks a ton

  • No (didn't kwow…)

  • Thanks for giving valuable trick

  • Thanks for this video

  • Yes this one was already known. Anyway thanks for The reminders.

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  • Wow… what a powerful tool
    .. is Advance Filtering feature is available in Google Sheet?

  • Please suggest how can we use this trick for horizontal data?

  • Why aren't you Italian? Why don't you live in Pisa? You are a very good teacher.

    Your explanations are very clear noting the linguistic differences. Good job!

  • NO

  • Awesome

  • Your classes are great! i love it. Is there a way to filter between times? Say for instance, I have a courier team who drives medical supplies back and forth all day. So we have 1st shift, 2nd shift, 3rd shift, overnight and weekend shift. I have 6 months worth of data and i was trying to see overnight shift only. So i wanted to filter it to where i only see routes picking up items from 10:30pm to 7:00am. Is this possible? do you have a tutorial on how to do that if it is possible? Please advise. 🙂

  • I know the same day, I know bout advance filter

  • is it possible to do exactly the same operation described here when the criteria appear in various columns? for example filter this list for stocks in the S&P500. When I try to replicate it just returns all entries…

    Stock Indices Indices Indices
    Tesla S&P500 NASDAQ
    Ford Russell 2000 S&P500
    American Airlines Dow Jones Russell 2000 MSCI World Index
    Walmart Dow Jones Russell 2001 S&P500

  • Nop but its useful

  • It was very good.

  • Yes, but I didn’t consciously knew that you should start from the ‘copy to’ sheet and I would always struggle several times in monkey mode or settle for some vba workaround. Many thanks.

  • Great tips

  • No..

  • woaaahh!! Mind blown. literally!

  • Here for learning English..

  • You are cool, Leila 🙂 !!! Merci (coeur)

  • Wow awesome… Reallyyyy greatt

  • Few days before I was also discussing with some of my friends that why we cannot put condition in the excel to form new sheet without the use of VBA and here it is…… Thank you so much for this valuable video. This will help a alot in my job

  • Is the data dynamic if we change the criteria?

  • No. And WOW!

  • Very awesome trick, liked this one…thanks for that…

  • Wow.. Mindblown… Ive been searching for this.. But.. What if there are no data yet?can we set the filter to automatically filter the data when we enter it?

  • No

  • This was DGET function a long time ago I believe

  • Excellent