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Infinite Lives SXIOPO
Begin the game with 9 lives AATOZE
Begin the game with 6 lives IATOZA
Begin the game with 1 life AATOZA
Player 1 starts with 8 lives and Player 2 with 3 VATOLE
Take no damage from most enemies PAASNO or PAZSSO
Take no damage from touching enemies UAYIUA
Invincibility SSASSA or UATIUE
Invincibility for first 10 seconds plus extra time on timer GUAOPO
Able to move through walls and floors AEAAAE
Able to move through enemies UATIUA
Enemies can move through walls and pipes PIATYP
Start with 900 on the timer VGYOKK
Start with 460 on the timer LEAOPO
Start with 150 on timer and 30 seconds of invincibility YNAOPO
Start with 600 on timer and 10 seconds of invincibility LXAOPP
Start with 995 on timer and 20 seconds of invincibility GVAOPP
Timer counts up VVAANY
Higher jumping from standing start only APZLGK
Higher jumping from running only TPZLTG
Higher jumping from turbo running only GPZUAG
Extra high jumping from standing start only APZLGG
Extra high jumping from running only APZLTG
Extra high jumping from turbo running only GAZUAG
Extremely high jumping AETLTK
Extremely high jumping from a standing start AETLIK
Jump higher and longer AEAENT
Variable jump heights YETLYG or PETLYG
Jump over flagpole VTPOZI
Walk past flagpole AITOSA
Float from standing start YAZULG
Float from a running start YAZUIG
Float from turbo running only YAZUYG
Always Float GETLYG
Always Float for long time PAZULG
Slow Walking OVAAAE
Keep fire power on pick-up PAZSKO
Always Swimming PAKOPPAA or PIGOAP
Always swimming in above ground worlds SYLOGK
Always swimming in some worlds NTLOGK
Always swimming and start halfway through AAGOPO
Always Sliding VTTNYA
Always Crouching VGANYA
Get bigger when walking VTLNYA
Get bigger when jumping VGANZA
Get smaller when jumping VGANPA
Always change size VTLNGA
Fast leg movement VTYNYA
Run and jump at the same time VGANAA
Start the level swimming NLTOGK
Unusable pipes are upside down ANTOSA
Able to easily access World -1 at end of World 1-2 LEAOGK
Invisibility ZSNENT
Backgrounds and objects invisible OKGASA or AXAENT
Enemies Invisible but are destroyed when you touch them KEATPE
Gain lives from jumping on enemies KEATZE
Removes most holes SVPOUU
Removes or relocates most enemies TSLIIT or SYLOKG
Removes all enemies TSPIIT
Freeze most enemies AALLEY
Different Enemies VGLOKK
Different Enemies in World 1-1 KTLOKK
Different enemies in Some Wevels YSYENT
Enemies follow you GNATUE
No castles STPONE
No obstacles after first pipe NTPOLS
Begin the game on World 1-2 NGPOKG
Begin the game on World 2 YSAOPE + YEAOZA + PEAPYA
Begin the game on World 2-1 PLZOKG or PLZOKK or ILAPKK

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  • Which one is for unlimited life ?

  • I play in Android how to make the code?

  • YEAAAA – corrupts the game
    STAYNO – funky music
    ASSOLE – starts you at 0 time
    AETLTK – jump until you release A button
    AEPLLG – unlimited jump

    Usually video like this not made by indian people but this one is unique and deserves a +
    But if possible do,Super Mario Bros. 3 one

  • the trick of freezing all enemies, literally freezes everything up to the screen and if you deactivate it remains the same

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