Sports 48 Inch 13-In-1 Multi-Game Combo Table

Sports 48 Inch 13-In-1 Multi-Game Combo Table

The MD Sports 48-inch 13-in-1 multi-game table offers a wide variety of game options in a single compact footprint. The games included are air hockey, basketball, bean bag toss, darts, archery, chess, checkers, backgammon, target shooting, plink shot, mini-golf, bowling, and finger football. Easily keep track of the score for all games by using the manual scorers on each side of the table. Includes all of the accessories needed to play each game, no additional purchases needed! Changing from one game to the next with only a few steps so everyone can continue having fun all day. Accessories included: 2 pushers, 2 pucks, 3 bean bags, 1 basketball, 1 pump, 1 checkers set, 1 chess set, 1 backgammon set, 6 darts, 1 archery set, 4 pinballs, 1 bowling set, 1 finger foosball set, 1 blaster, 5 bullets, 1 dice set and 1 golf set.

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