Speed Shooting in Ranger's Apprentice

Speed Shooting in Ranger’s Apprentice
In this video, I will show the method of speed shooting in archery I believe would have been used in the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. It is one of my favorite book series and even as a little kid I always wanted to make it real. I now have the skills and tools to do so and I want to share my projects and training with you.

I hope to do more content related to the ranger’s apprentice including a cloak, longbow and a few others.

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Advntr Gear (Ranger Pendants and other cool stuff):

Pressure by Riot
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  • wich bow do you use

  • You ever heard of Lars Andersen? If not, look him up he’s a master archer too.

  • This actually makes a lot of sence! And it’s really cool.

  • Where did you get that cloak/hood?

  • you forgot your arm guard. that's gotta be painful.

  • Rangers apprentice was just the start of my archery obsession

  • We really enjoyed your video – thanks for making it

  • the rangers shot waaaaay faster then that, Halt told Will during his first months as an apprentice to shoot around once every five seconds. Will had just started being an apprentice at the time which means that a regular ranger would be able to shoot like a lot faster then that.

  • In training he said to never shoot at the same target twice before hitting another one and have them all at differnt distances. Did you do that to train?

  • Am I the only one that thinks sense the announcement of the movie that all the ranger apprentice stuff has been getting wayyy more views?

  • Goos technique, I came up with the same method when i did saxon renactment archery, i had shorter arrows again with back quiver, only difference is i rotated the top limb away and down and rotated wrist slightly so the arrow drawn from quiver sort of dropped down in to place making two movements. Well done

  • If you really want to be fast place the arrow between your middle and index finger use your thumb to rotate the arrow so the nock tines are perpendicular to the string place your thumb across only one tine so the other is sticking out the side now pull the outside of your thumb along the string and straight onto the nock, nock and draw in one motion. This method is very fast way faster than your current technique. Try it oh and when you draw the arrow from the quiver have the arrow slide down your shoulder then straight between the bow and string onto your forearm then the nock indexing. Your welcome

  • I'm not sure if you mentioned this as well but Apprentice or 'graduated' Rangers wore arm guards to fight against the whiplash against a fully drawn bow, if I recall correctly. Book 1, Ruins of Gorlan, I keenly recall Will being too rash, excited, or nervous about shooting his first bow. To some degree he did pull back the bow rather well but the release caused him to flinch and he released the bow from his grip; recoiling at the pain that ensued.

  • Is that a horse bow? Very Nice video

  • 4:32 When you have your game set to super low graphics.

  • This is awesome I just wished people would read more in detail for the ranger cloaks most people make them purple like the genovesan or straight green or brown it's supposed to be a green and gray mottled cloak

  • I can actually see this type of method being used by the rangers, with sufficient practice and doing it over and over it would get to be so instinctive you could probably get going 1.5x – 2x faster with that method

  • I tried it with my recurve bow and it worked! Awesome vid!

  • You should try different combat scenarios from the books and use agility and movement in your archery

  • how did you make your cloak? I love the Ranger's series too.

  • Just want to mention, that the bow that you are using is most definitely not a longbow. A longbow is the same height or taller than the user. Your example also has far greater of a recurve in the tips than any longbow would have had. That my friend, is a recurve.

  • Nice video I will try it at home but dinn't have a good horsebow?

  • Well, are you planning on joining the corps?
    Gives you some coffee

  • A GuyA Guy

    Author Reply

    Very cool video

  • This man wears a dozen lives on his back

  • Very Good video, but, they actully use the method were you hold the arrows in the bow hand at some point. I think it’s in the battle of skandia when Will is fighting the elite archers.

  • Your name abbreviated is tea

  • I don’t recommend wearing a watch when shooting. Other than that, your technique is pretty good.

  • "I've read them like five times."

    Same, bro. They were just that good

  • I would suggest, that if you are planing to use this method of speed shooting, you should get four feather fletched arrows, that way you don't need to worry about the cock-feather interfering with the flight characteristics of the arrow.

  • I think you are doing a really good job with the shooting and designing a speed shooting method. What would you think about a style that has the arrows lining up on the left side of the bow instead of the right? I'm asking as you seem to be someone who is willing to experiment.

  • And in the first book will tried shooting his recurve bow without a arm brace and it hit his arm and it hurt him just letting you know mate

  • You should probably use a arm brace if you’re wrists are getting hit like that 😂😂 even in the books Will and Halt and I believe every ranger had one since almost every rangers bow was 80 lbs in draw weight if I’m correct

  • Faster shooting is need
    Also rangers almost never miss a shot

  • no offense but Rangers' should about 2x that fast. no offense

  • I am not trying to offend anyone, but the shooting in this video is very inaccurate, in the books it said that the average Ranger could shoot almost half a dozen arrows in half a minute.

  • D45HD45H

    Author Reply

    I'm left handed too