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Ski Free is a a game which came with Microsoft Entertainment Pack 3, and subsequently, The Best of Microsoft Entertainment Pack. It’s a game where you ski down hill, avoid obstacles and weave through flags, but the BEST PART is the Yeti, or as it’s officially called… The Abominable Snow Monster. As Windows 3/3.1 game packs go, this makes up for the crap.

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  • Who puts a video live at 3am?!

  • What was that one old game where you where a kid and you had to get keys to continue, all i remember was that it was pre-installed on my grandma's computer

  • Those are some col games but one is missing somewhere.
    There may or may not have been a 2d top down space shooter that I am trying to find.


  • Almost Johnny Castaway cult status. But only almost.

  • No one gonna y’all that fortnite Deadpool Mimi game is this

  • I friggin used to play this game so much back in the day on my dad's PC.

  • They made a sequel of this game called skifreak?

    Oh wait it was inspired lol

  • There’s now a fan made horror game that has some serious ties to the old game; it’s called “Ski Freak” I believe

  • I remember playing this at my mothers workplace, waiting for her to finish her shift. Fun times. 😁

  • Noe theres a deadpool version hidden as an easter egg in fortnite….

  • I had a friend in high school that hacked this game. He gave me a copy of it and played it on my home PC. Not sure if I’ve still got the hacked version. The hack is when the Yeti tried to attack you, instead of the Yeti eating the skier. The skier gets a sword out of his pocket and decapitates the Yeti. Also the trees have blood splatter on them some of the snow is yellow. That slows you down.

  • 0:40 name of this game?

  • ski freak

  • I was addicted to it!

  • Ahh, a nice to ski down the-OMG! WHAT IS THAT TH-*Gets eaten*

  • Whats the cheat tho?

  • I always got eaten by the yeti

  • Okay but what was that mouse game? Where when you trapped the cats they turned into cheese? Cant find it anywhere and I played it like crazy along with ski free

  • Damn the memories..I used to love playing this and leisure suit Larry

  • This game was my childhood.

  • I played the hell out of AAAALLL those games as a kid. My parents didn’t spend money on computer games.

  • 0:27 0mG!!! What's this golf game again!? Blast from the past

  • L SL S

    Author Reply

    Who's watching this in 1991?

  • anyone from pizo?