Sims FreePlay – Pregnancy Quest & Event Walkthrough (Early Access)

This is a walkthrough of the Sims FreePlay Pregnancy Quest & Event! EARLY ACCESS TO BETA PROVIDED BY EA / FIREMONKEYS. Sims FreePlay pregnancy is finally a game feature and this video plays through the Sims FreePlay Pregnancy Quest (A Bump-y Ride) which includes a 9-day Pregnancy Event!

Sims FreePlay Pregnancy tutorial videos:

How to get Sims FreePlay LPs (lifestyle points) and simoleons:

Official Sims FreePlay Livestream announcing pregnancy:

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Elgato HD60 Pro (thanks to Elgato Gaming!)
Samson Meteor Mic
Open Broadcaster Software
Adobe Premiere Pro


“Carefree” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  • Did you do a build video of building this home I want to make it

  • look at babymoom holidays in a simaway magazine?

  • I can’t build that because i don’t have enough money

  • Umm I did it and the icon NEVER came up in the left hand side of the screen. What do I do now?

  • I knew just buy some more stuff on the Sims FreePlay and don't act like you didn't buy that house too😡😡

  • Eu não entendo nada que você fala mas pode até ser você eu entendo várias coisas que você fala mas eu não consigo falar em inglês bonjour só consigo falar isso mas até que seu canal é ótimo entendo porque eu estou em inglês mas eu não consigo ainda tem muitas coisas para fazer❤❤❤❤

  • I’m on day 2 and the challenge says get creative at a computer and design simvitations for a baby shower but when I press the computer it doesn’t have that option. Can someone help me?? I really want to finish the quest.

  • I dunno why but when I got the baby bump I screamed "OMG YES I'M PREGENT"
    and my mum thought I was pregnant in real life

  • wait how did they suddenly get 500,000 baby tokens?? I'm so confused

  • Is it a good idea to do this quest??

  • Omg can you do pregnancy without it

  • I can buy it 😂 I have unlimited Similions and unlimited lifestyle points

  • BishhBishh

    Author Reply

    I payed over 100,000 dollars for the doctor and yoga appointment individually and i naively thought I’d only need to do it once. This event is unfair in the way it’s ridiculously expensive

  • what if i dont do the task , will my sims grow a baby bumb or not ?


  • Their tasks were different than mine?

  • If you don’t complete all the daily goals in time does that affect the result? X

  • My name is Erin!! 😃

  • Baby’s

  • so ea gave them ea? (electronic arts gave them early access)

  • I think they should have 2 sims woohoo if they’re in a relationship. If they’re not, they can skip the task for free. If yes, then they get a few maternity tokens/coins.

  • Tips for the sims freeplay. Do the duplication method. I reccomend using the black candles first since they sell for 6800 then after you get rich and buy big houses. In the architecture houses I forgot which house but there is a house or two with white rose's they sell for 9800. Here's a tutorial on how to do the duplication method For lps do the cooking hobby. First you have to finish it one time before you get 5 lps everytime you finish it. After you gain the lps you can plant social points plants which cost 20lp. Remember for the lp you have to gain all the tools once before gaining lp cause the first time you get a cooking board. You're welcome. This is how to have more than 2 babies.

  • How do I skip the event

  • I miss these two :(((

  • Yall need to use android/1 and type in sims freeplay it gives you 100,000,000 of everything. ONLY ANDROID. Website android/1

  • How do I talk to a sim to help choose baby shower decorations? When I tap the sim, it’s not letting me

  • Does the baby will still have the 4 buffs(Baby Bonus) even if you're female sim goes through the pregnancy of 6 days?

  • I can’t afford to build the maternity store 😂

  • How do people in real life bring babies??