Sal ATTACKS in a game?! – Age of Mythology Board Game Special

Just a fun upload about a recorded occurrence from a LONG time ago with a few of my friends during a boardgame night in which we were playing the Age of Mythology boardgame. My friend Sal (otherwise known as the man behind the man) is notorious for his passive nature … he hardly ever declares attacks, even in a game. When he aggressively decided to assault Brandon in this game, I decided this was an excellent opportunity for a video!

Also included is a bit of the gameplay for the Age of Mythology board game… its a pretty decent board game, so I suppose if you’re thinking about buying it you can watch this too. Hope you enjoy… just a for fun video, more Pokemon videos up soon.

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  • what about age of mythology for pc? and doom for pc? 😮

  • Yeah, cause Hydras and Nidhoggs are both real, right? 😛

  • A hydra can't kill a nidhogg. That's unrealistic.

  • looks fun

  • I dunno age of myth much but age of conq is one of my favorite games.

  • CHRIS!

  • @TheKillerNacho love the mustache btw

  • @TheKillerNacho NERDS UNITE! aha

  • are you guys baked ?

  • @m1me1111 that's what u call living the life lmao.!!! Stop hating on nerds.!!

  • @OrkTv

    Sitting around rolling dice and dueling monsters is your definition of having a life? LMFAO, my virgin detector is going off

  • @TheKillerNacho

    Rofl look at your virgin followers thumbing up your comments, anyways while your sitting around rolling your dice and being virgins all day, ill be outside having a life lmfao

  • Hey if you didn't know there is a Pokemon Table-top game. THE BEST MIX OF NERD EVER!

  • @Kipreos19 get over it

  • great now we wont get anymore of these cool extra uploads.

    Its because of you people we cant have nice things.

  • @TheKillerNacho that's the statement that makes me proud of being a nerd as well 😀

  • @Kipreos19

    I find Pokemon much more nerdy than Tabletop gaming, actually. Not that it matters, I like nerdy things. Cause I'm a nerd, and proud to be one. B)

  • @WaywardDream

    I agree, its not the best boardgame ever but we pull it out every now and then.

  • go back to pokemon…i play pokemon and even i find this nerdy come on men!!!!

  • RayanRayan

    Author Reply

    morpheas768 is right more random videos like this its funny

  • @TheKillerNacho You know I love you man! 😀

    We all love you haha. lol

  • @m1me1111

    1. Since when is playing board games looked down upon? Even if it were, why should it be?

    2. Raping kids is bad because it hurts people. Board games hurt no one.

    3. You're one of the worst trolls I've seen in my life. Lmao.

  • @TheKillerNacho

    Nope because playing board games and raping kids are looked down upon and your too full of yourself to admit that playing board games is sad

  • @MarcusMcGrizz

    Haha, no problem then.

  • @m1me1111

    Yes because playing a boardgame and raping kids are the same thing. Kay.

  • @TheKillerNacho

    According to your logic, its not sad that people rape kids for enjoyment? Kay.

  • RayanRayan

    Author Reply

    ts looking really funny XD

  • With lots of sand


  • @MarcusMcGrizz

    Its sad that people play boardgames together for enjoyment? Kay.

  • This is sad. -___-

  • @TheBrutalChallenge

    Well it took a bit longer due to this recording… but playtime typically lasts 2-3 hours.

  • @PIayer4 Joke bro calm down, its from a movie

  • This table looks very messy!! XD

  • kind of cool game you'we got there!

  • I see… a Nidhögg lost to a hydra and to a toxotes… WTF!!!!!1

  • 🙂

  • ugh i hate when youtube makers make irl videos :X cuz i have a picture of what they look like in my head, and now you dont fit it and i dont like you anymore 🙁

  • I'd like to see more of this

  • I want this game now lol

  • NERD ALERT!!!!!!!!!!

  • I liked it because I had fun not understanding.

  • your channel is shit now. and you are a snatch

  • @Dinhhhz

    No, its a strategy wargame

  • @watsatroll


  • lul 17 😛

  • upload some more vids, I'm down to watch this shiznak

  • How long do one of these games take to completely play?

  • Is this an D&D esque board game?

  • cdtcdt

    Author Reply

    Don't know what this is, but I am amused so………