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Rorschach Prison Cell Scene | Watchmen (2009) Movie Clip 4K

Rorschach Prison Cell Scene | Watchmen (2009) The Ultimate Cut Movie Clip 4K Ultra HD
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Starring: Jackie Earle Haley, Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Goode, Carla Gugino, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Stephen McHattie, Matt Frewer, Danny Woodburn, Robert Wisden

TM & © Paramount / Warner Bros. (2009)

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  • could have just cut off one hand.

  • you know, the henchman really only needed to cut one arm, then the guy could just leave his arm in the cell and step out of the way, that was just wasteful, probably the kind of critical thinking skills that landed the guy in prison in the first place

  • say Rohrshag one more time…I dare …I double dare you

  • Curle

  • Did they really need to cut of both arms? He could have gotten free after he became a permanent righty.

  • Rorschach vs BvS Batman… Who wins? 🤔

  • Why did he even think that would work lmfao woulda been easier to just sneak in a gun

  • This movie needs a re-watch !!!

  • M3NGM3NG

    Author Reply

    Rorschach is the skinny kid in school that always kicks the 💩 outta bullies. Or Batman if he grew up in the streets.

  • I really need to watch this. All the clips i've seen look incredible.

  • I hate the watchmen but I like this dude horse shack. Only scenes I like are with him. I have no idea why this shit is so “revered” guess it’s better then marvel woke comics. But idk all these characters are stupid. And the story is stupid. Fuck them all except this dude. Bad ass mofo

  • 3:05 This completely missed the point of the comic by a mile. They're not supposed to look cool, they're supposed to be ordinary people.

  • Huh? Cutting of the guys arms was entirely pointless.

  • This movie was evaluated by a team of experts as being appropriate for viewers with the information and maturity level of 11 year old boys. The movie company deemed that too high for optimal return on capital investment so they dumbed it down before releasing it.

  • NinoNino

    Author Reply

    So mickey from seinfeld lost his mind and went to prison?

  • 123123

    Author Reply

    Why are there always an ugly batman in the nice bad guy movies?

  • I forgot how dark this movie was

  • T1v2T1v2

    Author Reply

    Better than Justice League.

  • In reality, it would take forever to cut through that fat dudes arms with an abrasive cutoff wheel.

  • Looks like liberal chicago on any day

  • What do I see…..a very underestimated man.

  • Outrageous. Thank you.

  • https://youtu.be/YOjGQulCpvU

    This channel stole your content I guess

  • Why didn't he just cut the bars around the fat crook while rorsach had his hands full? There was plenty of room to cut around him.

    Since all he did was cut the bars instead of the lock…

  • I’m not stuck in here with you…


  • That eye twitch when they're cutting through their own mook to get at him – shows that even Rorshach has more human left in him than the monsters he had to became Rorshach to fight.

  • Burn his cell more easy

  • Where is that angle grinder plugged into? No sockets in Jail corridors.