Resident Evil 5 – Rotten Egg Challenge – Chris vs Wesker – Livestream Highlight

Recently, someone challenged me to see if I could beat Wesker by only using rotten eggs, so during Sunday night’s Housewarming Livestream over on my Twitch channel ( ), I gave it a shot. Here’s the end result. John and Brad join me on commentary as well.

Note: Commentary might be a second or two ahead of what’s happening on screen. That’s how it was streamed.

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  • It's wesker birthday?

    When it's someone birthday
    You throw eggs in this person

  • whenever he yells at chris to not eat the egg, my mind basically translates it as wesker doing the yelling, now.

  • Yolks on you chris.

  • an uppercut.

  • 2 2 6 5

  • I love residents evil 5 I play more placed 2 2 6 6

  • You could've just got rid of all the healing items in your """item box""" because even without cheating you can just grind them all back in like 20 minutes lmao

  • This man is such a dick too sheva

  • Sheva, gimmie a goddamn rotten fucking egg so I can give it to wesker in his face!!!!!!1!

  • I’d Give Up Straight Away Rotten Egg Challenge Fudge That!!! 😂😂

  • Oh, that was dissapointing.

  • Œuf pourri Wesker Wat

  • Did he succeed in the end?

  • And 10,000 Rotten Eggs

  • Woohoo! 1,000,000,000 COINS

  • Lol i could prob, get 800M+ Coins by the end of the week until monday

  • If You wan't i could do a Coin and rotten egg giveaway My username is "josh" On the Xbox 360

  • Now i havw 615 Million! and 7548 Rotten Eggs!

  • Lol i forgot i was saving up over 1000 jems too sell and i sold it for 39.1 Million coins :I
    Sheva Lmfao: Taht was for ar Fallen brovarz!!!

  • I have 7293 Rotten eggs and: 593M+ Coins (Don't blame me i've been playing for 2.3 Years

  • take away the esrxer guns


    Wesker 2009

  • You could just sell those unnecessary grenade launchers

  • How long did it take to get all of those eggs???

  • why you said bad words $$

  • 10:54 question is that Cell's voice from Dragon Ball Z?

  • Wesker: … Chris this is not what I meant when I said, "You will give me an egg." continues to be pelted with rotten eggs

  • Eggs Eaten Count: 5
    Reset Count: 2 (Last one was late)
    Chris Death Count: 2
    Sheva Death Count: 0
    "DISAPPOINTED!!” Count: 2
    "Give me an Egg" Count: 9 (Uttered once by Jon, other 8 times were said by Chris.)
    "You will GIVE me an Egg" Count: 4 (Would be 5, but the 5th was cut off.)

    …See me after class.

  • If you think about what Chris has accomplished in his life…You can see that the human will is a thing to be feared…HOLY SHIT! He can tear people apart with his bare hands…He can beat Wesker in hand to hand combat…He can even kill a man with EGGS!!! Like…What?

  • Just subscribed…

  • i just love that shot at 11 minutes of an entire armory sitting in the inventory screen and then you look up to see sheva and chris loaded with eggs

  • its imposseble for me to get a full inventory
    the only way is to buy a shit ton of rocket launchers

  • BlackBlack

    Author Reply

    Take notes gentlemen, eating rotten eggs is how you get muscles for boulder punching.

  • anybody else notice the dodge prompt at 24:46 through the wall?


    Author Reply

    "You're merely postponing the inevi–SPLAT–What the FUCK? CHRIIIIS!"

  • "You're merely postpon–what the hell"

  • why hasn't anyone uploaded the second egg challenge he did with superjeenius? I want to see "Knife the rocket!"

  • You will have to spam circle to make Sheva heal you, and probably give you eggs.

  • lol it was funny when Chris try to eat the egg by misstacky


    Chris eats the egg and Wesker nullified it