Red Alert 3 – Assault on Tokyo – Allied Mission 7

Sherman and Mental take on the Imperial Japanese on their own soil! *Activates Chronosphere*


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  • That did we learned?
    Don't trust the Soviet.

  • Do you have any plans to play Red Alert 2: Mental Omega? Its Mod for Yuri's Revenge, it have Co-op, Yuri's force campain, New Faction Coming (not RA3 force), USA, European and Asian Force for Allied. Russia, China, Terrorist Force??? for Soviet and more!

  • Moar vids plox?

  • yrp34yrp34

    Author Reply

    THE Dutch word is bommenwerper not bombers

  • Sherman i played red alert 2 command and conquer

  • I Saw you online Sherman on RA3, i say Hi, Too bad you dont reply 🙁

  • I just noticed that the Allied general is the govenor from Pirates of the Caribbean… xD

  • This game is one of the best

  • i love all of  your men of war vids and i hope you do more of them like campaign ones and i am looking forward to the next d-day vid you said you wood do i support your channel so good luck

  • Are you going to play call to arms?

  • I still play this game. Im half way through a 50th playthrough.

  • You know something. Im sad they havent made another command and conquer yet

  • @Tony Smith me too

  • I love this game

  • I miss playing this game