I challenged myself and decided to race a D1 track star! Regular college student vs D1 track star.

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I decided to challenge myself! Will Mckinly let me win? Do I beat him?? Does he get too confident allowing me to gain a huge advantage and take the win. All of these are the possibilities of what could of happened. We got a drone, gopro, point and shoot, and Mckinly’s brother holding up the DSLR recording the whole race.

In today’s video I decided to race Mckinly Brown who is a D1 track star here at the University of Miami. Now of course I am no D1 athlete but I did do cross country and track in high school. Currently I do triathlons just to stay in shape so maybe me and Mckinly are on the same playing field.

Mckinly Brown is a 400 meter hurdler and sprinter. He has numerous achievements including several meet titles as well as many high school state championships. He is on another level compared to me and my running.

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Hi, my name is Daniel Rodriguez and I am a freshman at the University of Miami. The purpose of this channel is to prove HOW YOU CAN ENJOY LIFE WHILE GOING TO SCHOOL. My channel mainly revolves around school and lifestyle videos. In these videos I talk and give advice on certain topics regarding not only college, but high school as well. In addition, I like to show my life through videos. I do personal vlogs where I show off my life and try to make it the best it can be. Lastly my channel also contains some of my travel experiences. Keep in mind that while I record all these videos, have fun in my vlogs, and explore the world, I am a student above all.


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  • Haha he DESTROYED you!!!!

  • Chad didn't stand a chance he probably just finished shotgunning beers before he did this race

  • How do you run in such hot weather

  • 90 degrees!!?!?!??! OH PLEASE IM FROM TEXAS!!!!! 😂😂😂Talk about 120 🙄

  • Didnt know there are divisions for track and field thought it was only for the main sports like basketball football ect.

  • nunyanunya

    Author Reply

    We knew the outcome just from looking at them before it even started.

  • C 2C 2

    Author Reply

    ima 100m sprinter, but also play football and my stamina is quite good- i recon if i paced my self correctly i could be a good 400m sprinter i’m not sure tho.

  • challenge him for 800 or 1000


    Author Reply

    500, 400, 300, and 3×200 is hardest? I want ur coach

  • R.i.p

  • Why didn't they use 400m lane stagers

  • u did great lmao , 400s aren’t easy

  • Love The Video..Just Hilarious😄

  • I am recorded as one of the fastest in 100m in my city. I got picked for a competition and came 1st with no training. I have all the medals in my drawers and I'm 14,what should I do?

  • why would he says he on the same level or even think he could be LMAO kid doesn't even look like he ran in high school lmao he must have been a bench warmer did you see his form tho

  • Awesome vid! Love finding good sports content we make track content too please check us out, subbed

  • Lol if you do cross country with a bit of track in your record you are no longer considered an average student. Anyways awesome 400.

  • As soon as I saw your form at 2:41 I knew you were doomed 😂

  • What was the lap time?

  • I like the vid but when’s the next one coming out

  • u did awesome, even when he wooped ur butt lol

  • What is that song used at 2:40?

  • Can you run a 400 in at least 55 sec?

  • haha I loved this video! It was so entertaining. I started working out in February, first power walking, and slowly up to jogging, I don't run so much, just jog, but I can job 1.2 to 2 miles without stoping, just depends on how rested I am from my last long jog. Ive really taken a liking to it over the months, and ive lost 35+ lbs in the process. Its been very enjoyable. ive even done 1 10k and 2 5k!! I would have never in my life thought id find enjoyment in them. This was so fun to see you challenge your friend, I found it so crazy just the difference in form between you two. he was so incredibly fast! man I could only imagine running next to him, id look like a snail. lol!!

  • Nah u got beat by 100m bro lol

  • Never clicked so fast,btw awesome video. I can relate because I was a 100m and 200m sprinter.

  • Kim GKim G

    Author Reply

    First ha! You're the best!!!