Piano Challenge #1 – Peter Bence

A basic, modest, extremely long, almost boring, unoriginal classical piece of pianery from Peter Bence.

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Composed by Peter Bence
Filmed by Szabolcs Sebestyen Zold


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  • Ridiculous… I've tried to learn this so many times. I can accept that I will never have that level of skill!

  • face melter lol

  • Did you see how he dropped the piano at the end?

  • Nah.. I can do it with my eyes closed..

    And a nice pillow.

  • This is my favorite kind of spastic nutjob. Well done sir.

  • Superb……

  • 😘

  • LeifLeif

    Author Reply

    How did you cone up with this? please PLEASE tell me. Is it based on or inspired by any particular piece?

  • Totally awesome

  • It’s absolutely astonishing the amount of dynamic range he manages to achieve and in such stark contrast for the speed and accuracy he is managing to play with! Other worldly!

  • Ewolucja.

  • Beethoven etude no.10-4

  • Молодец

  • OnaipOnaip

    Author Reply

    I’m playing the piano for about 10 years now, and I can tell you that it is hard to play that fast without even hitting a wrong note. My fingers already cramping after a few bars.

  • Challenge accepted

  • Where is Piano Challenge #2 ???

  • That Bösendorfer sounds so great… or is it because of Mr. Bence?

  • Sounds straight out of Czerny. This guy must have studied under him.

  • Извините, но я аж ПРИХУЕЛА от такого виртуозного исполнения 😳 Феноменально 😳😳😳!! Парень, ты — киборг или сверхчеловек??

  • 😱😱😱

  • bence bounced

  • BÖSENDORFER! Greetz from Germany

  • Pianery!!! Yeah!

  • I TRY to play like Peter and every time I do I injure myself…!!!!

  • Oh god

  • Brawoo

  • BRAVOOOO💪👏👏👏✊👍👍

  • Have u seen his face like bro if u need a shit go do it

  • People: flight of the bumblebees is hard.

    Peter: here hold my Asian.

  • R AR A

    Author Reply


    I think you might be a cyborg.

  • unbelievable! please do more classical!

  • You're a genious.

  • KanhaKanha

    Author Reply

    I am speechless!! But this reminds me your Wonderful piano cover black or white which was really insane. You are GOD, Yes you are god atleast for me coz I cant imagine in my dreams that this kind of piano playing is possible.
    🙇🙇🙇 Love from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🧡💙💚

  • such a great energy… and an amazing flow. The Bösendorfer sounds also great! bravo !