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Pete Sampras vs Stefan Edberg: Best ATP Shots & Points in Their Rivalry!

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0:00 Cincinnati 1992 SF
1:15 ATP Finals 1992 RR
2:05 Cincinnati 1993 SF
3:01 ATP Finals 1993 RR
4:14 Indian Wells 1994 SF
5:21 ATP Finals 1994 RR
7:22 Indian Wells 1995 SF


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  • Back when USA was still great

  • 90s easily the best Era of tennis. Attack Attack and more Attack. No holding back.

  • Absolutely loved watching this. Classic serve and volley tennis. I do miss seeing it.

  • lol 6:28 Pete was so high on adrenaline after that point that he didn't help Edberg up not because he was being mean but because he loved Stefan's play and was so excited that he wanted to hug him and barely noticed that Stefan was reaching his hand out to help him up. You could tell how much respect they had at that moment of confusion heh.

  • 1:26 what a point!

  • Net volley masters!!!

  • Jeez, that's some stunning tennis!

  • These guys had it all. Artistry, skill, imagination and beauty.

  • Quick points.

  • Gorgeous…thanks. Two of the most athletic and graceful tennis players who could do it all.

  • Well, I saw more entertaining tennis in this clip than I´ve seen in the last 15 years watching Grand Slams.

  • PetrPetr

    Author Reply

    This is where Federer picked up tips for playing real tennis!!

  • Such a beautiful game dese displayed, far cry frm d pounding shots of d modern players. So much grace n finesse

  • Bel exemple de sportivité en même temps que de techniques, on ne s'en lassera jamais

  • Almost all the points chosen are from Edberg. Disappointed.

  • Federer's style of serve and run to the net seems to be so similar to Edberg's strategy.

  • Pro staff racket

  • Look pretty modern-fast,strong,Pete wasn’t a 6’6 monster still capable of serving hard,elegant volleys,great baselines strikes as well,Edberg also was one of my favorite

  • What a master Edberg was..The behind the back volley

  • The era of stylish tennis!

  • WOW!!!

  • Todos puntos de edberg pusieron