People Try A Drunk Driving Simulator

If you want to have a good time, go ahead. Just plan your night.

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Secret Solstice
One Vine Day
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Ford’s Driving Skills For Life Program



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  • I wonder what happens if you’re drunk and wear those at the same time


  • This video debunked:
    It's just an "aged over 50" simulator!

  • WmTrWmTr

    Author Reply

    Fake, i drink and drive.

  • ive got the chance to use that gear and i have been drunk. because to me it not accurate i dont lose vision or blurriness i hear very well and my motor skills are good. and this is me very drunk but im at home doing whatever and there a store a block from me so i just walk. this was a few years ago now i dont really drink like i did.

  • Where can I get those glasses

  • now try with weed Goggles lmao

  • why is it only derected to teens? lmao

  • Can they do one with weed goggles??? I'm sure I can pass it!

  • Smart idea. Have someone that has never been drunk before….. idiots.

  • why do people get drunk? ok boomer

  • To be real, I don’t think every individual will have the same effect they’re putting on these people. The only way to legitimately test this is to have an actual experiment where people actually drink and drive in a controlled environment. Not trying to trigger your feelings. Just trying to be realistic. But it’s best to not experiment with this, cuz people will be like “I don’t drive like that drunk.” It shouldn’t matter, everyone should be kept at the same standard regardless of how it affects their body

  • Is it illegal to be I drunk in the driver seat in a Tesla but the car is in autopilot?

  • But since they’re sober won’t they be smart to not go that fast lol

  • I can tell you from experience, that doesn’t even feel like being drunk I tried those goggles before.. and drove drunk.. it all depends on how cautious and how much you had to drink if you stay focus and drive slow and had a couple beers or shots you’ll be totally fine I know it’s illegal but it’s fun to blast music and drive around when your a bit drunk

  • What truly drunk feels like: Go on some spinny ride on a play structure for 1 minute straight added with the feeling of being on the verge of blacking out from gforce on a rollercoaster. Heavy breathing, sweating like hell, feeling like you have a terrible stomache virus. It isn't pleasant

  • Oops gots your nose.

  • Dim KDim K

    Author Reply

    Why they just get drunk and make it more realistic

  • I hate being drink

  • Not true

  • Would u rather drive drunk or drive after not having sleep for 72 hours?

  • Those drunk driving goggles are bulshit that is not represented how it feels to drive drunk. I am an expert drunk driver and it's very easy. You not going to be swerving and doing all this crazy crap.

  • why didnt they just give the booze, record it and show em when they’re sober? it’d be most effective