Panthers vs. Giants | Week 15 Highlights | NFL

Check out Week 15 highlights of the Carolina Panthers taking on the New York Giants.

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Post Game Highlights (Week 15) | NFL:

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  • If Odell wasn’t fighting Josh Norman almost the whole dam game the Giants would’ve won.

  • Odell should be thrown out the game with that helmet shot,I’m all for the hand to hand combat pushing and shoving,but OBJ cane full speed and tried to end Norman

  • i miss cam 🙁

  • besides the back and forth between Odell and Norman this was greatest comeback that didn’t happen 😂

  • Damn time flies 😭

  • O know this is late AF… but Cam is a monster. He went the f*@% off.

  • AbdulAbdul

    Author Reply

    This is the greatest unsuccessful comeback in NFL history!

  • This would've beaten Miracle in the Meadowlands

  • Better title:

    Panthers Survive Giants Wild Comeback

  • the panthers shood not win nan game

  • The Giants are such scumbags, they should lose every game, the next week Minnesota blew out the Giants, ending their mirage of a season

  • I am not a giants fan but I don’t have to be a genius to say that Odell beat josh Norman at the end of the game.

  • AlexAlex

    Author Reply

    i like how a highlight video shows the bs between Norman and Odell but doesnt show how the score went from 35-7 to 35-21. what a great highlight video

  • Pause at 4:09

  • G0gokkgo

  • Panthers fan

  • I remember I had watkins cam and David johnson in fantasy this week lmao i put up like 185 in standard scoring

  • 4:10, it’s still Giants ball

  • My 2 favorite team goin head to head

  • They weren't ejected bc of the views

  • i am happy the panthers

  • Imagine if Nicks didn't slip and Odell didn't drop that open pass lol.

  • why the giants always lose to perfect teams in the regular season 38-35? (2015 panthers, 2011 packers, 2007 patriots)

  • Cam still not diving for the ball 😂

  • 2:51 Hate to say it, but this was a sign of things to come. He didn't even try to dive at the ball, wow

  • If the Giants had the 2016 defense? Cam and the Panthers would've lost

  • Odell Beckham only has hands at certain times.

  • if o dell made that frist catch and drc got thwt int panthers would of lose

  • That play with the running back fumbling cam would have got a lot of yards cuz it fooled everybody

  • Norman won the fight clearly

  • I remember when teams were actually scared of Cam Newton.

  • Panthers nearly blew a 28-point lead

  • Beckham's a bum

  • this game is so fake

  • Props to the Giants. Down 35-7, came back to tie it but the defense let them down as usual.