N64 & SEGA GENESIS LOT / GARAGE SALE FIND / Live Video Game Hunting

Join my friends and I as we go video game hunting around South Minneapolis. Everything is filmed on my GoPro Hero 7 Black and edited on my MacBook Pro with iMovie.

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Vibe With Me by Joakim Karud

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  • To anyone who thinks i took too many genesis games, i ran the lot by her again @ 3:29 and she was perfectly fine with it. 😉

  • EPIC SCORE!!!! And it came with the expansion pack!? FREAKING AWESOME

  • @collectorsluck, what was the name of the loose genesis game seen in the top right hand corner of the boxed games? It was a car game I had as a kid but can’t remember the name and couldn’t see the title

  • Nice to see some star wars CCG cards there at 12:20

  • "My Good Will Guy" hhaha dude…his job is at risk out of respect idd just say my "connect" man!!!

  • 12:33 look at the table

  • You paid for the poke ball and left it there….

  • You have a goodwill guy? How did you get him as a source lol

  • Hey friend, you are fantastic, I'm shopping next, I also share my channel, I'm starting.

    Greetings friend:

  • Just found your channel. Was really cool seeing those big Star Wars cards in the last garage sale. From a game called Star Wars CCG. Plus a Warhammer 40k model. Other cool gaming stuff with video games!

  • forgot the poke ball! lol

  • Great video all good pick ups I think the wii was expensive

  • Hey. Great finds, love your videos. Keep up the great work

  • Dope

  • Hey I am new and I really love you channel with all the game hunting and stuff like that anyways man keep up the good work

  • J AJ A

    Author Reply

    Just found your channel. Really good quality. What do you film with?

  • You leave that duke nukem 3d on pc? That around $100+ if complete. Those cards looked like they may have been worth getting but couldnt see the price. The big pokemon cards i think were from early 2000s too

  • Nice 64 lot.

  • Nice finds as usual bud. Good work

  • 11:31 whole stack of ps2 5 bucks?!?! Whaaaaaat?! Insane deal! Those gamecube guidebooks are badass! I'd love to have them! If you ever want to sell them ill buy them off ya 😉

  • score

  • Awesome scores as always bro!!! Keep up the great work!

  • U sayd "Yeah I do ths all th time"
    th N64 bundle,, niiice!!,. an tht Genesis stak,, wth 'NBA Jam T.E.' thts my shits rite ther!!!!!
    Keep roll'n my Bro!!!!!´´

  • Says $20 for 5 or 6 games takes 10 LOL! Hey I noticed there was no sensor bar for the Wii. Great score on the 64! The Mario Kart alone goes for that price.

  • great haul

  • You forgot the pokiball

  • Great video buddy!!!!

  • Went to some garage sales yesterday after I asked for video games from everyone finally someone brought some out and they were all Just Dance and singing games luckily their was four Mario games and a Kirby plus one of the Just Dance had a receipt so I took it back to Walmart and got 20$ Gift Card I paid 15 for the lot traded everything into my game store except Kirby and Mario party 8 and got 80 trade plus 30 cash

  • Nice sega genesis game lot. Sega was my first console so it holds a special place in my heart. Keep stacking them up man!

  • Game chasing 24/7 😁

  • Man I’m always amazed at some of the prices you get for Nintendo stuff

  • Nice score on the N64 and Genesis

  • Hey man. I'm a newer subscriber and I love your videos. Keep doing what you're. I had one my coolest finds ever yesterday yard sailing. Found a Sega Nomad.

  • Yo!! San Antonio….that's my home & 8 Bit Eric is my neighbor! Nah, but seriously I do live there. Nice deals my man & PAX is really fun, it's bigger every year.

  • 12:41 did you just forgot the pokeball?