My Top 5 Favorite Series

Links to books I talked about in this video
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The Remanent Chronicles:

Harry Potter:

Lord of the Rings:



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  • Why are Sanderson books so expensive in India 😭😭😭

  • No Dresden files?

  • I’m making thi longer than it has to be so u do not accidentally read the spoiler it is a big spoiler for the Stormlight archive’s
    spoilers river song spoilersThis is a big spoiler do not read this if u have not read book 2 of the storm light archive I just have to ask why would you do this to my I’m so angry/sad I just got to the part where syl dies and I’m honestly thinking about drop it it came out of absolutely nowhere and I am upset doses kalidai get powers back dose syl come back

  • Am I the only person who found Tolkien really easy to read.

  • Me thinking there's 4 and hears TEN WHHHAAATTTTT!!!!!!!……….. Just accepts this blessing and turns in wallet to barnes and noble

  • Reads a halfway through The Way of Kings, buys next two books and pre-orders the last book signed, knowing its going to ruin me

  • 🎶 Gravity you suck! Gravity, you suck! 🎶

  • I found Sanderson after reading Robin Hobb's Realm of the Elderlings and looking for recommendations. That series is my number one.

  • I got the first mistborn book and I’m so excited

  • it's li-ya, not lai-ya, and the first book in the remnant chronicles is really great, the second book was fine, but the end was kind of creepy, the thirst book I started to hear the audiobook a few days ago

  • Merph, which of these are you going to bump when you finish WoT?

  • have you ever read the series: "His Dark Materials which is a trilogy of fantasy novels by Philip Pullman consisting of Northern Lights (1995) (published as The Golden Compass in North America), The Subtle Knife (1997), and The Amber Spyglass (2000) if not i highly recommend them and maybe you could review one of the books if you enjoy the read.

  • Would highly recommend the noughts and crosses book series . Best series of all time

  • RizRiz

    Author Reply

    Wow totally agree with your number one series Merphy. It's my favourite series as well and just hearing you talk about it gave me goose bumps. I also think this world is so big that it is difficult to describe to people who don't know it. Would love to hear about your views on the world, the characters and the three books we already have, plus the Lift book as well.

  • NouaNoua

    Author Reply

    The Remnant Chronicles! Love it! Especially the first one because of the unique idea revolving around the male protagonists.

  • I have not read Remenant Chronicles. But I love the rest of the books in the list. So lets read this book.

  • When you said “gravity u suck” I felt that

  • Considering I LOVE your top 4 favourite series, I think I should read The Kiss of Deception 👀

  • Idk if you’ve read it, but you should read Warrior cats, it’s an amazing series! (Book 1 is called Into the Wild F.Y.I)

  • If Lord of the Rings isn't on here, I quit.

    Edit: Good.

  • Hunger Games 😍😍

  • Writing style has never been a huge problem for me. I usually care about other things way more, like good characters good story good action and other things

  • When I was younger and read Harry Potter for the first time, I thought it was the greatest thing that ever happened to the world of entertainment. But a few years later, I have come to learn that I Definitely don’t agree with that opinion that I established for myself years ago

  • Have you ever read sea or trolls by nancy farmer? It's what I would call light fantasy, but it was a major love for me when I first picked it up in 5th grade lol I reread the series every 3 or 4 years or so now. It is ya, and basic in alot of regards, but idk it just has a place in my heart lol

  • Have you read night circus yet or circe

  • Just discovered your videos and I'm sooo much enjoying hearing you talk about all these books that you love! youve inspired me to read more and I just really love your videos!

  • All of the Gods, from all religions, from every corner of the earth can't match Tolkien's world building

  • I find really strange your opinion about lotr. If you read the books you will see that there is only world building and not at all character development. And thats a fact. I mean legolas and gimli became friends literally in a sentence so its really strange when you talk about the bontage amongst the heroes when there is none. And of course lotr is the first fantasy series and i completly justify stuff like that but its weird praising a book worth praising but for the wrong reasons.

  • Ok ok just gotta drop a life changer here, Throne of Glass series is amazing 👌 definitly gotta check it out

  • Sanderson is the GOAT!

  • I'd say my top 5 is:
    5. Harry Potter
    4. Artemis Fowl
    5. Scarecrow Series
    2. Chaos Walking
    1. Jack West Jr. Series
    …no, I don't love Matthew Reilly. Why do you ask?

  • I ADORE the Green series by Jay Lake. If you are looking for an independent hard headed female lead in a world where God’s and magic are so real and cat people + slavery to freedom story in a fantasy setting, this is it.
    I respect Green because the female lead, while brash, is not fully badass and overpowered. You follow her journey though her thought process and follow her every trial and fall which is described in a level of detail that’s not seen in many of the other books I’ve read.

    Also, the Hush, Hush series was my first series and while it’s not 100% my fave any more, I still remember it as good.

    Also agree with her Harry Potter comments 👍

  • Interesting list. I just recently got into Sanderson and am, in a sense, conflicted. Part of me wishes I had gotten into him sooner while another part of me is glad I just did since now I have a big list of books I know I will seriously enjoy. I just started Mistborn and am half way through The Final Empire and loving it. However, I do find myself from time to time wanting to start The Stormlight Archive due to the countless extremely positive reviews I've seen call it Sanderson's best work. Needless to say, I'm enjoying his works. Thanks for this video. It was informative.

  • No game of thrones? No kingkiller? Woa

  • Ooh, Mistborn trilogy just got bumped up on my TBR and Stormlight Archive just got added to it. And I just subscribed. 😊

  • Harry Potter, The Witcher, Mistborn, Stormlight archive, LOTR, currently reading Wheel of time which is great and may be on the list one day.