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Moonlight Blade MMORPG First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?" (天涯明月刀)

Moonlight Blade is an MMORPG that many of you have probably never heard of, 1 because it’s a Chinese MMO and 2 because It’s still in open BETA, this game however shows great potential and in terms of graphical fidelity is just about on par with Black Desert Online, The game also has a huge world, a housing system that I didn’t get to check out, amazing combat animations and extremely detailed character customization.
I played Moonlight Blade Aka 天涯明月刀 on PC for about 5 hours and condense my thoughts and experiences down to 20 minutes in this video with a mini review of what I saw at the end.
Is Moonlight Blade an MMORPG worth playing? let me know your thoughts below and spam the developers to bring this to the west!


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In this video I try out a Chinese MMORPG called Moonlight Blade Online 天涯明月刀 which is currently in it’s open BETA, this game does not have an IP block but can be a bit of a nightmare to set up, there’s guides out there for it though, you’ll also need to boost your ping for it to be playable, I used WTFast myself, but yeah this game really surprised me, It’s one of the best looking MMOs I’ve ever played and it has pretty much all the things that I’d say a good MMORPG should have and I was only scratching the surface due to not understanding any of the Chinese writing in game, Could Moonlight Blade be a good alternative MMORPG to games such Black Desert Online or Blade And Soul? leave your thoughts on this game in the comments below

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Moonlight Blade MMORPG First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?” (天涯明月刀)

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  • btw why everyone say that is look like B&S when this game is more like Age Of Wushu what is better than B&S also great graphic and cool combo im w8ing to come to eu ill be rly happy 😀

  • Man, imagine if the West made games like this. I'd be all over them like a slut.

  • ZakZak

    Author Reply

    Im itching to play this game so much, but ever since it was announced that it comes to EU/NA nothing, literally not even one fucking word about when will it come to EU/NA, only thing that it might get released by Nexon out of all the other fcking companies, Nexon is sh*t in every existing sense. But well I care only bout the game coming to EU/NA.

  • Want.

  • Those people look the same it’s a clone , no peon they are chinese

  • 天上白玉京,十二楼五城。

  • make SWTOR Onslaught!!

  • I would love a new video about Moonlight Blade in 2020. If theres an english patch and stuff 😡

  • 9:02 you got something against tits? as a straight man i rather like them and are always welcomed but hey thats just me

  • 2019 ?

  • When I see this game for the first time I was like him ..
    Always.. Just every second I said "Omg this game is fucking cool!" xD

  • I would like to buy a qq account. I cant make it in my country, Sri Lanka.

  • The game is pay to win and has one of the most toxic communities.

  • 为何总看你们玩天涯明月刀,我却一次都没玩过。。。

  • Damn, when is this game coming to West? Does anyone know?

  • kinda reminds me of the anime, King's avatar; but i don't get the bow behind the back of the character and doesn't get to use the bow,

  • bout to give this a shot. I dont speak chinese. RIP

  • Why do you have a bow and arrow if you dont use it lmao

  • 1:24 Yep, this guy definitely looks Chinese, huh? The teeth are the sure fire telltale sign.

  • I like this game very much

  • How does that genderlocked class makes *sense*? XDDD
    Why wouldn't a male be able to use an umbrella?

  • I hope they keep the SPOKEN chinese and just add subtitles because english usually butcher the pronounciation and it just feels wierd when they try say chinese names and other important stuff. So I hope for eng sub but keeping the original language. Also chinese is fricking beautiful to listen to and I wouldn't get tired of it.

  • J YJ Y

    Author Reply

    Imagine this mmo being crowded and everyone jumping all over the place in cities

  • Is this a pve point and click or a pvp with decent mechanics? The only mmorpg that i could enjoy was Scarlet Blade because it was pvp oriented since the beggining, but the mechanics weren''t the best and it was a p2w.

  • I love this game is amazing.

  • Main reason I went after this game was because of the beautiful rain

  • Being that I dont speak the language, the Inventory part is what totally got my confidence <3

  • English version is coming to Nexus soon.

  • You haven't try the male and female partner jumppu.
    You will be stunned.

  • wish there's a english version and can be played in my country. T-T

  • Looks like a mix between Age of Wushu and BDO. I hope you can do combat while in the air like on AOW because all MMORPG's lack that and feels limited in horizontal combat. Age of wushu did the air combat perfectly. Where anti air skills became part of the fighting style

  • damn i dont understand a shit i cant japanese or chinese ;-;

  • Imagin this game on ps4 :V

  • Anyone else noticed that Youtube picked this game up as BDO in the description LOL

  • chinese mmo>korean mmo

  • we need this in the west asap

  • I have to get this game 😍

  • 8:01 did he jizz? 😯

  • Bro why you putting cons for not English it will have one

  • And then when it comes to eu "no is bad dont paly it i wont recommend it cause i didint receive any money for advertise so like im big fat dumb kid therefore i will complain about the game" fuck off u fat fuck do reviews on barbie toys

  • it's like BDO and BnS mixed together

  • Damn that looks good

  • This game Really needs to come to the West.

  • Sorry man those jumphuh or stabbuh sth like that really annoy me. I’ll give u a dislike

  • It looks pretty cool..but single player….booo!!

  • I really wish you play this game again. And you can even jump higher and further with awesome animation and effects now.