Minecraft Part 1

we go back to our minecraft gameplay roots
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  • When there's nothing to do over the summer so you rewatch the legendary series that revived Minecraft

  • this is villager and hes like squidwork

  • 14:28 he kill a Tiny zombie at the first time!!!!

  • Day 120 days of quarantine still watching entire series (legit it’s been 120 days in quarantine lmao)

  • кто из украины и россии ставь лайк?

  • Yes Minecraft eat block mine block hit block break block and make ikea tower with dog and cat mate and make ikea cat dog with 010393020 ded (this is a joke without me thinking at all lmao)

  • Pewds: I can’t even ride the pig
    2 Months Later
    Pewds: Come on peepeepoopoo were gonna beat the ender dragon together

  • I am in the quarentine and of study English, I am watching he. He's very fine ^-^


  • By the way all the animals are: Iron golems If you kill the villagers he will kill you and he will kill zombies. skeletons: shoot you zombies do the same thing but don't shoot. (ghasts will be found in the nether if you lucky to find them. :zombie pig man will kill you if you punch them and the other zombie pig men will to. (enderman will teleport and will kill you if you look at there eyes if you use a pumpkin and look at them with is handy in the end they wont kill u unless u hit them too. (THE ENDER DRAGON will be found in the end which you will need to use the end portal the ender dragon will kill you, if you kill the ender dragon you get a lot of exp. (ender portal to make an ender portal you will need… ender blocks and ender eyes. (creepers creepers will explode on you and you will be exploded if they glow white they will explode.. :blazes blazes with shoot you with fire balls, if you kill them they will give you a fire stick that will flow orange shaped like a normal stick. (witch a witch will kill you and splash you with poison potions and if you see a tiny house then you will see a black cat the owner of the which will not always be there. (zombie villagers will kill you like normal zombies and normal zombies will kill the villagers or turn the villagers into zombie villagers.

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  • This is both painful and adorable
    like watching a newborn puppy try to walk for the first time.

    Except the puppy is hunted by skeletons with bows, zombies, exploding creepers and gigantic spiders.

  • Don't murder villagers you trade with them

  • Can you shut the swearing up cause I don't like People swearing. >:( tho your an adult you can swear but just don't do it on videos cause some people are kids that watch you and they mite not know what swearing is and they will maybe Swear in front of there parents

  • Eu não falo inglês que boata

  • وااو انت بعرف كلم عربي
    Wow are you speak Arabia

  • My first time watching pewdiepie 😛 I'm starting with minecraft cuz its my favorite game

  • Hah

  • How was it a year ago

    It feels like just yesterday when pewds started this series

  • That video was great

  • ECK _ECK _

    Author Reply

    Gaming weak
    Gaming strong

  • “Historical moment” He’s damn f*cking right about that.

  • My first time watching you. I already subscribed.

  • Wkwkwk

  • Re watching series for the 50th time . Yay? 🙂

  • Im Doing The Pewdiepie Voice

    Like My NaMeS PeWdiEpiE

  • Россия тут?

  • Rewatching it cause im bored

  • One day, future PewDiePie subscriber will get this recommended, hello future floor gang

  • Good morning gamers

  • Who else is watching the series again

  • szsirszsir

    Author Reply

    stop the video at 0:09

  • 난 모르겠다 이분은 한국인인지 외국인인지
    제목은 번역인지 설명창도 번역인지 난 모르겠다 이말을 남기고 가야지
    I'm Korea

  • ㄹㄱㄴ의 시작