Meet the Man Who Has Spent $70,000 Playing a Mobile Game

Sony’s mobile role-playing game “Fate/Grand Order” takes up most of 31-year-old Daigo’s time—and a lot of his money: His in-game purchases total more than $70,000. It’s worth it, he says. Devotees like Daigo have made “Fate/Grand Order” Sony’s most profitable game ever.

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  • Me: Asks mom for $5
    Her: No! That’s too much!

    This guy: Let me just tell you something

  • tbh i think there are a lot of us who aspire to be like him… being able to spend $70000 on gacha games and still be able to live of investments…

  • Lucky patcher will end his career.

  • Gacha is addicting , HELP me please

  • EA’s favourite customer

  • MikeMike

    Author Reply

    I still don't like that games went from 39.99 to 59.99

  • lol, rok player spend more than this haha

  • Extra Virgin

  • I respect this guy, he's doing what makes him happy.

  • 70k$ spending on that game is a biggest waste of money

  • UnkoUnko

    Author Reply

    I wish I was able to whale this much

  • Has saving and future. Is he a hikkikomori. People like him are the reason fgo almost had bigger anniversary events. (Curse you covid)

  • And then he hates the game.

  • lol a lot of people spend 1 Million dollars in lords mobile

  • And here I am feeling bad after spending 20$ on a vita cartridge.

  • These dudes literally our savior without him FGO would have no content XD

  • SyrupSyrup

    Author Reply

    At least his not doing drugs.

  • yeah alright he is a rich neet. good on him, may he loose his account. no hard feelings.

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  • Praise the whale for future FGO anime projects. Plz let all chapter 1.5 get OVAs and all Lostbelts get anime seasons

  • Speirstheamazinghd is gassed it isn't him

  • My years of playing f2p is having a stroke watching this video

  • and i thought spending $100 an animation throwdown was bad….

  • He is the reason why jp dokkan cant get top grossing

  • 0:55 you can see the regret

  • Why do people like this game? You're just doing the same thing over and over again. It's not open world or anything.

  • When I got my first five star servant I was like bruh i didn’t want this

  • There is a dude who spent 400 000$ on a game than everybody attacked him in that game and he pretty much lost everything he had.

  • zuelzuel

    Author Reply

    Even spending 7 dollars make me thinks 70000 times..

  • Anyone that is sane:
    English caption from YouTube :[speaking foreign language]

  • sony has no comment on one person spending that much on one game!?!

  • Shouldve buy a gaming pc a console and create a gaming room bruh

  • This game isnt so good xd
    Fate Grand order Arcade is way better than this