Macbeth Review – with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at

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  • Bit Wonka-esk this week, despite those pockets are too small to put your hands in, Tom.

  • Ha ha!

  • I actually like the cartoonish artwork. Reminds me of playing Guillotine.

  • Tom…do you not know how to put your hands in your pocket?

  • AdilAdil

    Author Reply

    Looked a little like Kremlin. That game needs a full modern rework

  • too random for me

  • What a great theme

  • Dice tower judgment: it is a tale

    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

    Signifying nothing.

  • I am still watching. I've been trying to remember a sheep in Macbeth.

  • This should have been called The Scottish Board Game.

  • As a fan of King Me!, this game didn't sound so bad as you described it, though I get your points. What King Me! does differently though is give a reason to kill or not kill someone (or rather, to crown or not crown someone, and if they aren't crowned, they're dead). Since you can only not-crown someone (and thus kill) someone a limited number of times, you have to be choosy in who you explicitly vote against (and hopefully get other people to vote "no" so you don't have to). And spots below the top spot are still worth points, so you may vote someone in as the king (and thus end the round) if you have enough characters in high-level spots.

  • Tom vasel is a moron

  • They're actors in a play, hence the iPhones and dodgy props…

  • Do the QR codes open any web pages?