Gameplay of the mobile game Ocean Is Home: Survival Island

These special places are the Gas Stations, Warehouses, Zombie Base, Wind Turbines, Mutant Base, Rebel Base, Village, and the Airport. All are located in Hornet Island except for the Airport, which can be found in Farmers Island.

Some notable loots are also present such as metal fragments, gasoline in hornet island, coffee, can food, water bottles, milk, egg, pomfret fish, fat, seeds, bandages, bricks, ammo, cloth, rope, cement, gunpowder, rabbit meat, meat, redwood plank, leather, microchip, glass fragments, spark plugs, building blocks, rockets, lubricating oil, and the likes. The loots that can be found in these areas are not limited to the ones obtained in this video. Just explore these places and loot up!


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  • How do I get plastics? I need to get to those bases but the only way I can make a good gun is with plastics and I can’t get them becyase they are in that base

  • Thanks

  • How to make plastic in this game?

  • mcm mna cara tambah fix kereta

  • I'm currently playing the game and have built myself a decent house on Farmer's Island near the waterfall. But when I go to the airfield to mine the iron ore in the area I only see the hangar but not the 2nd building with the tower on it. Will it and some of the other buildings only appear in the payware version or have they been removed since? Also, there's what appears to be a switch next to the hangar door but when I try to interact with it nothing happens. Not even any kind of error message. Same goes for the switches in the tower on the little island with the oil pump on it.

  • Hey MG GAMING, how can you transfer between the islands? I'm like stuck on farmers Island and I don't know what to do next?

  • Where do I find the belt for my car

  • Please update ocean is home

  • How to fill water bottles with water. Pls tell me

  • Bro when i went to discover village ,village is not there😢

  • In version
    I never found zombies
    When does the zombie appear?

  • Where i can find rubber?

  • At 6:48 was that a human

  • Where i find redwood

  • I think rebel is friend but they shoot me and my bag fell, it took a long time to take it, cause I walk and they shoot me again , now im scared come to hornet island..

  • Hey MJ it so cool loved this vid and also how did u kill mutant so easily I died at that place for almost 5times😂😂

  • Hey mj, does the loot, mutant, zombies and the rebel respawn??

  • Thanks alot

  • I didn't now you can find steel and ammo in the warehouse, Thanks MJ GAMING😊😊😊

  • Thanks for making ocean is home videos i just installed it today building is a little glitched though and its laggy

  • Have you test the base electical power pack ?

  • I love your videos they are great.I subscribed

  • И у меня тоже токаяже взломка игры

  • Кто любит этот канал май гаминг ставте пд этот комент лайк

  • Май гаминг я тебя очень обожаю и сматрел бы твои видео каждый день но только ты уже почему то не выпускал видео про игру олшен из Хоум и у тебя учень крутой канал и мне ещё нравится музон кторый ты ставишь скажишь пж где их искать а? Пожалуйста

  • Good nice👏

  • no

  • how to get metal fragment

  • Please open airport hangr

  • theres human in hornet island they have guns.