Live Retro Video Game Hunting/ Collectable Store/ Flea Market/ Another N64 lot and SNES Games

Started my weekend out by going to the collectable Store where I picked up Stunt Racer 64 and for the Third time went thru the box of Nintendo 64. Picked out some cheap common games this time that I needed . But also grabbed Donkey Kong 64 cause ..why not?
Grabbed two Super Nintendo games I missed that last two times I was there, so grabbed them also
On sunday I sneeked into the Flea Market and hour early while sellers were setting up and this time grabbed some Nintendo Gamecube, Playstation 1,2 & 3 Games. Not much else there. I left before even the buying crowd could get in. Could be I missed some sellers that decided to go late, oh well..maybe next time


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  • Why did ya leave the doom 64.

  • hell yeah man good pickup look forward to more

  • Hey bud the prices aren't dropping in the uk, I've seen conkers sell for 80 pounds loose, 170 pounds mint in box, very nice haul thou so jealous