Limo 3D Parking Hotel Valet – Android Gameplay HD

Learn how to become an Hotel Limo driver, Get to know what the job duties are and what requirements you have to know about when driving around in a big limousine. You have to figure out how it moves around with the large rotation angle in tight corners. Limo drivers are a different type of chauffeur than normal taxi drivers. Their job duties are more then driving the limousine around. The job also means refueling the Limo’s keeping them clean, parking them into the right spot. Helping passengers with their luggage, and bring them in time to the right destination.
So do you think you got what it takes to drive a big stretch limousine around in a 3D city. Full with traffic and passengers to pick up. First you start off with some very simple driving missions. Driving a limousine around is not an easy task, you need to control it in the same way as you would drive in a city bus. Always watch your surrounding, leave enough distance all around the limo in case other cars or vehicles don’t see you driving. Driving a limousine in this 3D parking game is not easy, it also depends on the type of limo you drive. We selected three different limousins to start with, of course we will ad more limo’s later on. Buy a new vehicle to customize in the way you would like it to be.
Every limousine driver has everything he needs to control his limo with, brake and accelerator pedals. You change the view so you can take a look from around the limo at the situation. Sometimes you need to race to the parking spot, so you got enough time left to park the limousine.
We hope you will have fun and will enjoy or newest parking simulator game from VascoGames.
Limo 3D Parking Hotel Valet Parking 3D is a parking game that you can download and play for free!
Game features
– Three different limousine
– Endless amount of different parking levels each level has its own parking challenge
– Real life limo parking situations
– Realistic limousine Controls
– Great dynamic gameplay
– Extreme precision driving simulator
– Park according to the arrow in the parking place
– Time is not on your side, you got limited time to park successfully
– More exciting city limousine parking vehicles will follow
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