Let's Design Cedar Flags Ep. 48 – Hotel Parking Lot at the Back of the Park – Planet Coaster

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We’re working on the rear of the park where we will eventually be putting a hotel in. In this episode, we are putting in a road and some parking in the area. In the next few episodes, we will be building our hotel/resort along with a rear entrance for guests who are spending the night!


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Planet Coaster is a theme park tycoon game similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon.

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  • I love your series!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You should make a sky rocket 2 model coaster! Search it up if you need to! Ex. Tempesto and Tigris

  • Didn't you hear me? You actually need a kids area (Planet Snoopy).

  • Build 2 coasters wich race

  • you should add a fire work show at the back of the park so people at the front could see it

  • Put in an RMC for the last coaster. That would perfectly round up your lineup.

  • I love ur designs and creativity!! Ur so cool 😎 and Awesome!! I was a OG viewer 2 years ago and Cedar Flags has grown a LOT.Keep up the Amazing work.PLS try to upload More often If u can.I understand if u can’t cause everyone has there own life’s but just recommendation. Love ur VIDS!!

  • Yes a hotel 🏨!!!

  • You should theme your hotel to a ski lodge

  • For a hotel/motel, the size of the parking lot should be the larger of the following:
    A) 1 space per every 1,000 ft^2 of building OR
    B) 1 space per every sleeping unit (room) + 1 per 500 ft^2 of common area (pool lobby, etc.)

    Hope this helps you size your hotel!

    -Sincerely, a roller-coaster loving Civil Engineer.

  • Parking is typically 1/2 space for a single person occupancy in the hotel. 🙂

  • The hotel should work outside of the park to answer your question. As long as its within the scenario boundaries it should work.

  • 🙂

  • KaceKace

    Author Reply

    Love this project 😀

  • yeessss i was waiting for this