If Gaming And Studying Switched Place part 2

Hey all, After the huge success of part 1 now it’s back with part 2. Let’s again switch study with gaming.Yes..our gamer will face the worst thing in his world called gaming.Can he continue studying?Or his mom force him to play games… let’s find out in when a gamer goes to a parallel world!

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  • It's hard imagining Einstein gaming all day

  • pubg custom match?

  • What if STICKMAN animation and anime switch

  • I like to study for 10 hours and play games all day.

  • Ez test ez

  • Hey charles
    What is the safest place in fortnite

  • scientist like ninja ????

  • I wonder if Wasif in this video likes to play Baldi's basics

  • you are right wasif nowadays people dont study well and they dont take studying seriously and they say that studying makes you violent but gaming doesnt,i like both but i like studying more since it gives you things you must do in life. you deserve more subscribers because you need to teach the world that studying is good,people bully me becuase i like study

  • U deserve a billion views and subs dude..

  • Wish I went to his school and my mom is like his

  • hahahaha

  • Who’s watching this during the covid-19
    And yeah I guess he predicted the covid cuz we are staying home bored of our mind and people just keeping saying is gaming season

  • Studying is the I love the most

    Gamers:are we a joke to you

  • Qu_iiQu_ii

    Author Reply

    what is he studying if school is gaming?

  • Fortnite

  • There is no difference
    But your eyes will struggle

  • i want to live in there…

  • Super my dream comes true in this video's

  • Cri

  • Try to play Free fire, its fun. :3
    I just request, you need to think of a tactics. 🙂

  • Him : I like to study mum ! I hate gaming !
    His mum : You will have to gaming !
    Him : Nooooooooooooo !
    His mum : Go and play games right now !
    Him : Fine !
    Him : I wish I can go to a world that I need to study .
    Me : You can go to my world . We have to study a lot there . You will like it .
    Him : I will love it ! Can I do your homework?
    Me : Sure !

  • I don’t play sanhok

  • Part 3

  • love you

  • Video games with best thing in the world studying is some people don't know what real enjoyment is I hate studying more than anything

  • i wouldn't pass cuz i am bad at fps. i am good at mmorpg

  • 1 like 1 vote for me to become president and make school all gaming

  • lol i didnt see ESP chams or lines

    how is he aimbotting

  • best suspension evar

  • that would be so cool