Idle Heroes – DH Games Q&A on Reddit

Hey everyone, last night on Reddit the DH Games Developers had a Q&A session with the community and gave us the opportunity to get info about future updates! Overall I am really happy they have started to interact more with the community, and I hope it keeps up!

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  • Problems where already when i quit the game 7 months ago. Dh is a shit company and the game is pay to win garbage and no innovation what's so ever

  • If they lowered costs I'd happily spend more money. but im not spending the price of a brand new top tier game to get 40 PO and some gems. ridiculous

  • I like the review of the Q&A. Your perspective is always good and gives people a better view on how to go forward in the game. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Should ask them is taiwan and hongkong part of china lul

  • I want the new light hero on the heroic summoning too as I have prepared sufficient light foods !

  • why not give a chest at 400 points where you can choose the new L/D hero

  • The Game is coming back 😎🤙🏼

  • Anything that is repetitive drives me nuts. This is why the fuse button filled a deep hole in my soul. Same thing on team swapping, I tend not to retune my flame shrine team daily because its so slow….cant wait for the team presets they just announced

  • Barry should i make my penny a 6 star or try and wait for two more copies to replace Emily or unimax for 10 star?

  • Love these kind of videos

  • Any update that gives F2P more rewards I'll say it's great news

  • I'm lazy so anything you do for me is more than welcome Barry

  • Im having a problem updating the game after the update. I have stable internet connection but it wont update. Can anyone help?

  • ITellITell

    Author Reply

    These ideas look interesting

  • I think 12v12 would be cool, 2 players against 2 players

  • IHPS already Have layouts so u can save up Lineups and dont have to chage it all over again

  • I love this type of content that you put out it gives me a lot of insight into how more established players think about this game I’m and what to expect!! Keep doing them !

  • Barry to answer your question yes these kinds of videos are great I love them its a more enjoyable way to get the news rather than just going on reddit and sifting through myself. Youre easily the best IH content creator out there keep it up man love the videos and streams.

  • The fuce is very important for people who dont get many HS and have all of their 3* in the bag meaning every time you have monthly reset it's back and forth back and forth and I spend more time pulling heros from the bag than actually fucing my heros

  • They might make gear upgrade like border upgrade. Ex. Warrior Armor+5

  • I like that you're going over it, not everyone uses reddit, I'm sad you didn't go over my question which they responded to, maybe you were making the video before they respoded?

  • I am not looking forward to trying to do 400 scrolls with a total of 100 bag space

  • Hi Barry! I used to watch wrath but he quit. I stopped playing idle heroes then. But one day I got one ur vids recommended and I have watched all of ur videos since. Tysm for posting vids!!! Ur amazing!!!

  • Thx

  • quick question, do you guys think ormus would be a decent choice for a first 10 star? Or should I wait for sigmund/penny copies?

  • Light army ain't complete without a Gerke ;)))

  • Barry!! Ur channel is growing!!!!

  • 10 carrie vs 10 carrie Pog 🙂