How to "Play the Game" at Work: What No One Ever Tells You! | BorderHammer

This vid is aimed at people new to corporate settings detailing how to integrate, play the game and succeed. It may also help those who feel stuck in their current position – it may not be the work that you’re doing, but HOW you’re doing it.

I made this vid last year but never put it up for some reason but I found it and thought what better time to post than the start of a new year!

I’m not implying that you do not need intelligence and hard work. I’m saying to work smarter. This is my point of view from my personal corporate experience and this is what was required to succeed.

Sorry I didn’t edit I just wanted to post!

I hope this helps and I’ll see you soon! Happy New Year!!

ps. I promise my shirt wasn’t buttoned that low at the manager’s desk. lol

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  • 6 years later and this is still very helpful to me. Timeless advice, thank you

  • Let me just say thank you for the bottom of my heart for making this video! I’m to the point where I’m like please give me a phone call! I have something to run by you. I needed to watch this 6 months ago and now I feel I’m in a rut. My main thing is to not let anyone take me out of character! I need more from you!

  • Thanks for making this vid!! I’ve watched it several times

  • Super corporate cringe

  • Starting a corporate job soon. This information was much needed. Amazing video!!

  • Sucks that videos like this have to exist

  • This has helped me! Thank you so much ✊🏽🖤

  • I’m struggling in corporate I don’t want to step on people. Should I find a different job?

  • On topic, you are absolutely right. The corporate culture is a beast. Very off topic, do you have a video on how you did that head wrap? It is simply fabulous. If not, can you make one pleeeaaase?

  • Great Advice!! exactly how it works..i know first hand.. and love the neck roll… lol.

  • I’m back watching this after years gone by! Another/more videos of this nature would be appreciated 😊

  • Thank you for sharing this. This is something I have been needing to hear for a long time. Much luv

  • Girlll. Thank you for this. Seriously 👏🏽👏🏽. Teach me how to continue!! ❤️❤️

  • This is so appropriate for me right now and you recorded it 5 years ago.

  • Id love to see a vid on some stories from that job! I just found you and am in love(: thanks fr your vids<3

  • debdeb

    Author Reply

    Please revisit this topic! This time please include "how to play the game at work" for older workers. I have tried and tried to move up at work, only to watch others get selected. When I finally jumped through every hoop, crossed every T, and dotted every i, I finally get offered a promotion. I'm excited until I get to the new department and find out that another person that got hired had only been with company a short time and had no experience. Guess who is getting all the training and opportunities to shine? I'm thankful for the job, but trying to not be bitter because if seems like they hired me because they had to (union) and they're just waiting for me to leave. Saw your new haul video. Welcome back!

  • Thank you for these tips!! I need it

  • meme

    Author Reply

    I'm so glad you made this video! Thank you for mentioning the "game" because one wrong move and it could be over. It took me a while to understand this. You're a blessing to anyone who takes the time to watch this!

  • That women is cute 😍 i love my Black Queens

  • How do you ask for mentor?

  • wow…you are so right. what do you do about sisters hating on brothers in the work place?

  • I needed this talk 5 years ago. I have a great rapore with management. I feel like I've messed up with coworkers bc i started blurring the lines of coworker vs friend and now i have no work friends

  • Thank you. This video is very helpful even though it’s been up for a long time. I viewed it yearrrrrs ago. And tried to find it for my older sister who had her Masters and was working in a corporate shituation and a college professor who had a publishing company.
    Her best bet would’ve been to keep her teaching position and go full into her publishing company. She was single and had to work. Those people upset her so much every day until she got cancer in the center of her body and DIED. Yes. It is THAT serious to know How to play the game or get OUT of the game.
    I’m very mindful of that now as I navigate. I work for a corporation but as a hairstylist. But the same shenanigans go on. And this vid touched my situation and I’ll act accordingly. Because I know when women carry negativity it’s usually in the center of your bod. And it DOES affect your health.
    Anyone who can open their own business, I suggest they do it. I went and got my business license today!

  • J RJ R

    Author Reply

    Video starts 4:07

  • Thank you

  • Hello, the nice and neat is key. You did a great job with this video.

  • This is good

  • Would love to share a 1-minute clip of your video on our Instagram and mention your platform!

  • Great information. So true..

  • Be strategic
    Promote your capabilities and talents
    Words travel
    Shut down foolishness
    Don't let down your guard until you are ready
    Speak up
    Don't let anything take you out of character. It's not personal
    Don't react

    Handle sexual harassment with class

    Work smart not hard
    Have resources and connections

    Make sure people know who you are
    Build a reporte
    Delegate things. Ask for favors.
    Lead the projects.

    Have something to say in meetings, speak up and share solutions

    Be confident, be involved and concerned

    Be ready to add to the meeting
    Shine during the meetings

    Mingle- connect with everyone
    Chitchat with everyone

    Add value
    Resources and networking is key

    Training is a available
    Make it easy for manager to say yes
    Help workload, help the business

    Be confident, look people in the eye
    Have respect of peers.

    Have a support system or a work friend
    Mentors, etc.

    Be in control of your emotions
    Play the game

    All people have the same drama
    We are all just people
    We are equals

  • Looking so elegant.

  • This video was very helpful! It gave me a lot of advice. Thank you so much for taking the time out to inform others and how to play the game!

  • After uni I took everything personally at work and i didn't want to play the game because it felt false. But i've only just realised that working and being succesful at work is about playing the game. It's the most important part of progressing. You need to be good at your job but you can't thrive without playing the game. I think you make some good points and it applies to all types of people.

  • Thank you so much for this! I have always had this crazy feeling while working in the corporate setting. I wanted to ask you if its normal for me to feel that the corporate setting has a sense of racism, and inferiority placed into it. For example .. when I go to work I am always feeling like im reminded that I am african american. They may tell me i can eat at my desk, wear headphones, and be comfortable as long as i am producing a high level of work. However, when they come by my desk i feel micromanaged and highly monitored. Is this just in my head? I really need to know because it really feels like i cant be myself. I feel like they just want me to work to death for them . No snacks no music ( that is not loud btw). It just feels like this setting is set on pointing out my flaws.. like im the sore thumb. Please respond!!

  • Your pretty border hammer

  • This is a wonderful video…!!

  • close shirt button.

  • I'm SUPER late to this video but thank you, this is incredibly helpful as I move into my career.

  • I cant get a job.

  • Make a video on how to deal with brownie noses, back Stabers, two faces , and just plain evil co-worker's and supervisors. This is a prevalent problem in the corporate and government workplace.

  • The reason I fell in love with YouTube

  • OMG.. I'm so glad you made this video. I'm at a point in my career path to where these exact questions have come to mind👌🏽.

    Thanks for you answers