How to Play Korean Drinking Games

For science! We go to a Korean bar and show you how to play some Korean drinking games. Some we explain just fine! The ones at the end, though, after a few shots, are less easy to explain…

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  • 07:43 This may be the game I saw people doing in a manhwa I just read. 🤣🤣 Not sure cause they never said the name but the motion looks similar and they were screaming strawberry so lol

  • I'm here in quarantine, learning from the best for a rare alcool night

  • Soooo Japanese drinking games…………

  • who ate the fish eye….supposed to be eldest one gets the eye

  • men drinking game I the best who ever blacks out and ruins a friendship first is the winner I call you're sister👍🏽

  • After rewatching the video 1200 times, I still have no idea how the last game is played.

  • I love how many different games that is found for different types of hangouts lol really cool~~~

  • The number game in the Soju Cap, we normally play it that the person who guesses has to drink.

  • I this is old but anyone watching this in 2017?

  • lmao three four claps

  • greeaattt i cant believe Tres Veces Ana is over Dx sooo sad lol

  • What's this place??


  • I never really understood the term "drinking games". All games can be "drinking games" (monopoly, domino, chess, poker), you just have to add a drink as punishment and thats it (hint:you can even change or add rules but everytime I did that with my friends, nobody could walk at the end, so grab this hint with caution). If there is a will, there is a way. Cheers✌🍻

  • In the beginning of the EYK team, it seemed like Leigh and Soozee didn't really like each other. I'm glad they do now, but was that just me?

  • I found out how to play ddalgi

  • my favorite video in the channel —-

  • Didn't do the bunny bunny drinking game?

  • yas for Tamia playing in the background

  • B KB K

    Author Reply

    But that's what the past videos are for! Nostalgia!!!!

  • B KB K

    Author Reply

    I'm going to miss you four together <3

  • I've always loved this video! Will you guys ever do another drinking game video either while still in Korea or in Japan?

  • please do a part 2!:D

  • I certainly enjoyed this video where yous were out and about in Korea more than in studio or apartment. I like seeing that side of it. Similar to my likeness for Google Street View but this is better

  • I hear so much running man songs. Like Gary's and Haha's

  • for the ddalgi game you guys must of been wasted cause I understood what soozee was saying xD there's a similar summer camp game that I sadly can't remember the name to.

  • i don't know maybe it was just the Mexican in me but I swear I heard la bamba playing in the background

  • If the people here see usual young Korean play game, they would be super surprised at the speed of game, I bet. Lol

  • strip poker

  • Where does the flicky thing on the cap go when you flick it :0

  • That Tamia – Officially Missing You in the background though

  • Lmao. I`m a lightweight drinker, and these drinking games would have me on my ass. Not in a good way, although.

  • omggg!! leah is sooooo pretty in this video… I mean im bonkers for her anytime but I like her a lot here baby whimps: wheeeh wheeeeh

  • What's the song at 5:35 ish? It's so familiar. Thank you.