How to do cheats in FATE

Very simple and too the point. I know I mentioned gold twice, I forgot I did. You do need the full version of the game to enter cheats, I’ll try and get a link for you.

Here’s the directions more clearly for the question mark to put in the cheats.

Hold down the Ctrl key shift key and the ~ key, which is located behind the 1 key All at the same time.

Than you can type in…

God for 10 lvls up

levelup for 1 lvl up

gold for 5000000 gold I think

descend to go straight to a lvl in the dungeon

ascend to get to a higher lvl or out of the dungeon

or you can put any item, object or npc (character) name to spawn that.

experience gives you 50000 experience

heal heals your character

fate statue gives a fate statue

discoverall shows all parts of the dungeon on the map


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  • It didn't work.

  • the console question mark would not appear i wonder if i should try something else

  • Early 2000 songs

  • how do i do this with steam

  • Whats with the smoochy smoochy love song in the background? The origanal music is better.

  • shit vid, it told me nothing


  • Nice 2009 touch.

  • on laptop you need press ctrl, shift and @ AT the same time

  • DeltaDelta

    Author Reply

    Wow this is amazing. Ive played this game since I was a kid and sadly I forgot about it then I found it days ago from today. After doing this It makes the game more fun. Thx.

  • dosnt work for me

  • worked for me … thx

  • Where and how can I look and find the cheese sword? I looked all over the internet and can't find a fucking picture of it what dose it look like?

  • Pleas how to do that in Mac Version ???

  • — ,(++) what

  • so nothing worked for me but I was reading the comments –
    iTs BlazeD 3 years ago
    For me it works (right) ctrl+ (right) shift + ç ctrl+shit+ç

    I did the RIGHT ctrl RIGHT shift and tila (squiggly line left of the 1) and THAT worked, the LEFT did not  THANK YOU!!!

  • It wont work!

  • what is the line behine 1

  • None of these ways, worked for me. i just want gold so that i can level up to the renowned " immortal " … I want my Legendary Champion Boots D:

  • does it still work if you're using the steam version?


  • this worked for me. pretty neat.

  • legendary foe cannibal worth 12 million if you identify it. better than typing in gold

  • YOU GUYS IT IS ONE OF THESE TWO CONTROLS; ctrl alt ~, or, ctrl shift ~!

  • i can't do this, please help 

  • JasonJason

    Author Reply


  • I got a cheese helmet in this game by fishing lol

  • tank you bro

  • RockRock

    Author Reply

    Be careful with this engine since it will end session if you're stats are too high when you try to import characters and when you want to ascend and descend stairs

  • RockRock

    Author Reply

    If you do not have full version you can just download cheat engine

  • its not working !

  • to 12 mil intently type legendary foe cannibal then identify it then sell it to enyone and u will 12 mil and if you look up my video you can see how much it will give you but i dont know what my videos name is,so try it and tell me if it works

  • legit 🙂

  • Do you type enter when you typed gold?

  • Thanks 🙂

  • D: I tried it!! 😀 it works 😀 😀 Thank you!!

  • O_O i never thought of looking up cheats XD haha I'll try this out and see if it works :]

  • no, but there are lots of worlds in the sequels.

  • Does it work in traitor soul since its just an add on?

  • It is Ctrl+shift+~

  • It is not alt shift

  • Then click Mute -.- …………….

  • key ?

  • you forgot blood, if you type blood it replaces the stars with red spatters