How to Backup and Restore Games on Blizzard/

Hey guys, I’m back with another tutorial video. This time it’s on how to backup and restore games on blizzard. This is a very straightforward and simple tutorial. Hope you guys succeeded from this video. If you have any question or any tutorial suggestion, please put them down in the comments below and I will get back back to you as soon possible. Till then please rate, comment and subscribe.


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  • Can i use a usb for this?

  • If i delete a game like overwatch can i reinstall the game back for free?

  • c'mon man
    please use a little pace
    we don't have all day
    u r wasting a lot of fking time

  • U deserve a subscribe..

  • I don't have that (locate installed files ) i swear it piss me off

  • bro when u re install the game i mean locate where it installed in c or d

  • Im new to blizzard and I want to backup CoD warzone files can I do it in the same method but I didnt see "locate game file" it only show install

  • Thx man, underrated channel <3

  • Thanks

  • damn so simple