Highlight Reel #509 – Hitman Jet Skier Catapulted By Briefcase

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1. Rocket League – Completely unnecessary yet effective… – Technoninja101

In Rocket League, unnecessary yet effective.

2. Apex Legends – Kraber shot that I won’t be able to do it again – _N7Legion

In Apex Legends, definitely won’t be able to pull this Kraber shot off again.

3. WWE 2k19 – When you are so desperate to break up that pin attempt – ReachTheSky-DotaNoob


4. Hitman 2 – Space Agency MKII – Notex

In Hitman 2, oh god.

5. The Last Guardian – glitch – alextheape

In The Last Guardian, I would also look for an escape.

6. Titanfall 2 – Tick Friends – Echo Sloth

In Titanfall 2, ticks are our friends.

7. Super Smash Bros Ultimate – Greatest Misfire Ever – guardian-deku

In Smash Bros., just a fantastic misfire.

8. Destiny 2 – My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. – steak7718

In destiny 2, this ruined their day.

9. Rainbow Six Siege – Always Go For The Kill – RogueArcher42

In Rainbow Six Siege, you always go for the kill.

10. Rainbow Six Siege – well that happened – RandomStuffInc

Also in Rainbow Six, this happened.

11. Modern Warfare (BETA) (CHECK EMAIL) – Hey whatcha doin there – Dr_Gonzo__

In Modern Warfare, hey whatcha doin there.

12. Modern Warfare (BETA) – XxSolidSeth24xX

Wish we I had this kind of luck in real life.

13. Modern Warfare (Beta) – Exo Suits Confirmed In Modern Warfare! – FrostX90

Didn’t know they added EXO Suits.

14. Modern Warfare Beta – My teammate was AFK for a sec, and this happened. – AputsiaqNoahsen

Their teammate was AFK when this happened.

15. Modern Warfare (Beta) – my first experience with a sniper rifle – LKRTM1874

This was their first experience with a sniper rifle

16. Modern Warfare (Beta) – 7 kill streak ATV – HANZERGAMING

Lastly today, cleaning up with this ATV.


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  • H.S.B.C – Heat Seeking BriefCase

  • All the other executives with the pumped up suits
    You'd better run, better run, out run my briefcase
    All the other executives with the pumped up suits
    You'd better run, better run, faster than my briefcase

  • 0:43 my boi sam

  • 3:08 That entire image has a collective IQ of 25

  • 0:42 …. Whenever you see this briefcase flying, does anyone else get that sudden urge to imagine the preacher imitating a high speed motorcycle, "yyeeEEEOOOWWNNN!" as that briefcase is chasing that poor miserable bastard?

  • way too much COD shit

  • 3:00
    "Alright, everyone get together and smile for the camera!"

  • The dude at 3:12 is dumb af 😂😂

  • You know i think ill go for the sniper, why not… LMFAO

  • Oh god

  • lmao the briefcase

  • I was setting up vicdefs and this teammate kept running into my vics and messing all up :[

  • I want you to cover that crazy untitled goose simulator game.

  • Dude. They did MW remastered so good. I want every bit of it!

  • Siege clip was obviously set up, nice try tho

  • I’m surprised there’s a Titanfall clip here. Haven’t played that game in ages. (Quit due to the fact it took a long time to find matches sometime last year.) Such a beautiful game…

  • Good to know the hella OP homing suitcase is still functional/left unpatched. 😂😂😂

  • That briefcase was probably full of red shells.

  • MarkMark

    Author Reply

    3:00 This is so stupid that I hope they did it on purpose for the clip.


  • Damn, Modern Warfare trying hard to look like battefield

  • "ALL TERRAIN dummy"


  • CoD players aren't very used to vehicles in their games, it would seem.

  • Getting the drop on an overcrowded sniper nest is as Battlefield as it gets, five years ago i never thought i would ever see it in a CoD game

  • I guess the last man can't get his driver lisense in real life

  • Fuck Kotaku and everyone who watches this garbage.

  • I shouldn't have sent in some videos of my bugs and glitches; every time I watch a new reel I expect them to show up, but they wont 🙁 still love the show

  • 0:58 "OH GOD!"

  • Lol, the legendary homing briefcase.

  • Ground war is the most chaotic I've ever seen Call of Duty and I love it!

  • Wow. MW beta looks exactly like Battlefield 4

  • Double kill the kill leader for the win?? Holy shit o_o

  • So… COD Battlefield edition?

  • Last clip was definitely a fellow BF player 😀

  • That last clip was so stupid…I love it!