Greatest Story Ever Told! Sub Series (EP1) Awakening

Please share this video, and give it a like if you enjoyed it. I spent over 40 hrs making it (Still learning how to create videos, but getting better). I want to do this as a career and entertain whoever wants to watch. Help our family grow and become a part of this awesome community. =)

Side note: For some reason, the video got picky on what pic clips to scale.. It’s obvious, but after 40+ hours on this sucker and not knowing why it did that, I’m leaving the vid as is for now.. Future videos probably aren’t going to have as many pics if any to scale. So we’re good.

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Music Provided by Position Music:
John Pregler – Star Spangled Banner
Stephen Rees – The Enchanted Waltz
Stephen Dresser – Rok N Rodeo
J. T. Na – Sexy Slow Jam
Adam A. Dearborn and James R. Norman – Sanctity of Sorrow


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