Game Gear LED Backlight Conversion – Fixing eBay Junk

In this video I install an LED backlight mod to a Sega Game Gear. This mod will easily double your battery life by eliminating the need for the power hungry CFL bulb. Installation isn’t very intuitive, I must say, but we’ll see how it holds up.

link to the backlight:

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  • How did you get sonic 2 for Game Gear we thought it's only for Master System.

  • I remember getting a Game Gear one Christmas and asking for only AA batteries the next Christmas.

  • Watching this a year later because Game Gear! The "get a Dremel" message seems to have long been affirmed, so I'm gonna say "please use a hobby knife/Exacto if you have one instead of a box cutter" because I winced when you tried to cut the plastic with it and it wasn't cooperating. Just the angle of the blade alone makes a hobby knife much easier to use going back and forth for cleaner cuts, and I'm pretty sure you can find handles that aren't the basic stick form.

  • $5.00 of batteries? you can get a 30 pack of Varta AA's for $9.98 at Bunnings Hardware here in Australia 👍

  • They're not tweezers!!

    verge pc build!!

  • Can we all pool together and get this man a Dremel?? Seriously, that utility knife had me covering my eyes!!

  • I saw ur face !

  • Man you must need to change those old caps, they mess with the screen too

  • 2 words.

    Goo Gone

  • And that didn't help much of anything.still looks like poo

  • Just pausing at 28 mins to relay my thoughts on the backlight being mounted upside down potentially? Judging by the wire length and the way it sits with the bar at the top, wouldn't it be better off the other way up so the bar is out of the way of the gamebit screw? Also seems to me it'd look better with the bit where you can see individual light points at the bottom where it's facing away from you as you play.

  • New to your channel, but I've watched quite a few videos in the past few days. One thing I noticed with this video is there were a couple times you did not sound confident whatsoever. I'm not saying this is bad at all, I'm actually thanking you for being so genuine. Those backlight kits are expensive, and game gears are a dime a dozen now, so I understand why you'd be nervous. Thanks for learning along with us.

  • You need a dremel.

  • the way u fix stuff gives me anxiety

  • I know alcohol will work to remove glue, but wouldn't using a product like Goo-Gone be better? I've had to clean up glue residue from label printers at work, and it ate through the residue really quickly.

  • Any thoughts on screen mod for these things like the McWill or the upcoming BennVenn screen replacement? I still have the Game Gear my parents bought me when I was a teen, it's peppered with stuck pixels, probably needs all the caps replaced too. The McWill looks incredible, but given I don't even use the GG anymore, it makes the price of the mod hard to swallow. The BennVenn will apparently be about half the cost.

  • Want to do another one? I barely used my childhood Gamegear and the backlight is out, but it otherwise works. 🙂

  • I bet you can mod this to only need three battery’s since now you have the backlight done.

  • The charger 🔌 comes with the sega game gear…

  • Hi, I made this mod and replaced so the mainboard caps. But the display still with weak. Not bright colors. But ow I can see (before replacing caps I barely see a little looking with a extremely angle). This is my first game gear.

  • The top of the backlight still looks misaligned at the end of the video.

  • you could have just scored it repeatedly instead of trying to cut it on the first score.

  • you could use some double sided tape to pin the backlight in place and the screen (once they are correctly calibrated). Or maybe putting the backlight upside down? With the wire side being down?

  • Where have you been?!?! You can't just make the perfect YouTube channel and disappear on us 🙁

  • Can you please start uploading videos again?

  • Please make a video correcting a GBA Action Replay/Gameshark

  • How much did you paid for the replacing parts? I think you didn't invest 120$!?