Fortnite – Bunny Bounce (10 hours – Bunny Hop Remix)

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▼ Information About the Video

► Music: Fortnite – Bunny Bounce Lobby Music, Music Pack ( Bunny Hop Remix )
► Length: 10 hours (Extended)

▼ Programs used and how I make my videos!

► FModel (I extract the Fortnite emote or lobby music, music file from the game files, usuallly extracted in a ogg file) – Sometimes Fortnite music is remixed, depends on the video.
► VGMGUI (Converting ogg to wav audio file so it becomes compatible with any video editing software, in my case I use AE and sometimes Premiere Pro)
► After Effects CC 2020 (Effects and Edition, I have to edit all of my videos there, especially to make the effects of the 10 hours videos, like the Saber plugin from Video Copilot, Sapphire Plugin for the Shake Effect in some of my video, Fractal Noise to make a custom noise effect for the background of each music video, and also I have to adapt each song to the audio spectrum. Making each video takes like 2 hours, and rendering it takes 1 hour.)
► HandBrake (I use this program to make my video smaller file size so I can upload it faster to Youtube, using the Youtube preset so it uploads and process faster)
►MKVToolNix (I merge the videos until they get to 10 hours [If its a 10-hour version], and then I upload it to YT) or ► FFMPEG, using command line and a txt file to merge and duplicate the video until it reaches 10 hours, without losing quality, so the viewers can enjoy the content.

All of this process takes a lot of hours and I dedicate a lot of my time to make a good video, with great quality as you can see most of my videos are uploaded in 1080p.

This is a channel that is specially dedicated to uploading videos, music or random things, of Fortnite so that people can enjoy them. All content made and edited by me.
Fortnite – Bunny Bounce 10 hours, Chapter 2 Season 2 Battlepass
Imatrix – ImatrixGp


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