Fjords Gameplay Runthrough

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame Fjords.

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Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Final Thoughts


Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through “Rahdo’s Goofs”

If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps 🙂

Thank You

3:47 After the first Rotation that placement would be legal

19:52 Well, that’s a valid placement so if there’s no other place to put it Jen would have to place it there, she couldn’t pass the tile

21:13 There’s a legal placement in the bottom of the map where the Mountains make a corner

28:05 Jen has a Farm in the next tile so she could also get to that one


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  • At 17:20 Jen pulled the exact tile that you needed to fill that gap right after you were saying you didn't like your chances!

  • PhilPhil

    Author Reply

    Did anyone count how many times he says "Jen"?

  • @12:50, the tile could have also gone at the top section, and maybe opened up more areas.

  • 19:55, she also could have placed it left to your first settlement, where it wouldn't have helped you.

  • at 21:15, Jen could have placed the tile on the left end at the mountain in the top right corner.

  • Looks like an interesting take on Go, I'd definitely look for it, if it were readily available.

  • 22:58 "I've got a 50-50 chance." What?! No, that is not how that works. Judging by the video, most tiles can be placed somewhere. Especially now that the board's edge has so many different configurations. Really I'd go with more like a 95-5 chance 😉

  • at 19:58, Jen would have HAD to have helped you by placing that tile because that was the only legal place, yes?

  • I've been excited to play this game for a while, but as said, it's out of print =[

  • 17:25 that is the piece you needed! D:

  • The tile at 21:00 could be placed at the bottom mountain edge.

  • the tile @17:30 can fix your prob at the bottom but sadly its jen's turn 🙁

  • The tile placement at 3:47 seems legal.

  • J BJ B

    Author Reply

    the piece you needed is w sw of jens north most farm.