Drunk vs Stoned

To test if people function better drunk or stoned, I got really drunk one night and then really high on another night and made this video.
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NOTE: The marijuana seen in this video was obtained and consumed legally in California.

Be safe, everybody!

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  • Mandy is the best!

  • Is that a doobie

  • It's funny how being stoned gives you decent motor control but you want to do nothing, being drunk gives you little control and you're going to do whatever you want

  • This is like the same guy right?? I am stoned rn.

  • Driving test

  • We don't do drugs, we just burn a plant and breath.

  • I wanna fight fire

    Im dying :>

  • Im stoned right now hahahhahaha wtf im here no what ever i say is i n a museom and i have a swim short on and my hand is writing automatically hi its me the hands and the monkey between me is also here under a bridge and i xan feel the hands writing automaticallly and i have a 4wieus qiekk

  • Combine both and you're where I am right now.

  • Too hilarious had me laughing so hard! 🤣🤣

  • This was the good buzz feed

  • What means stoned ?

  • 0:40 what is his name?

  • Who else watching this drunk af

  • cannabis gives more control then Alcohol alcohol is more of a mdma high cannabis a calmer booth good drugs

  • I’m so drunk it took me 3 minutes to realize they were the same person

  • smoke weed dont drink alcohol, weed is much better

  • i've heard of Drunk and Stoned at the same time,
    but i've never saw Aaron Paul and Nicholas Hoult at the same time.

  • We can work so effectively while we are drunk. I think being drunk should be our fundamental right and we should always be drunk because that helps us in making better decisions. I feel so good . I think i should be elected the Chief justice of the country ……I have the potential in me …….. Do you know why? Because alcohol gives me the fuel to do so. I think every normal person has the right to feel this good about himself and should be entitled to the advantages of being drunk ……I mean being drunk i can obviously beat usain bolt in a race but that is not fair as he is not in the same state of mind or emotions so i think a bill should be passed about everyone being drunk all the time as that gives them the power to fly and not just walk like losers.

  • Drunk or stoned doesn’t really matter it’s all about how you can handle it

  • Great but not upto my expectation

  • they both make me happy 😃

  • BluuBluu

    Author Reply

    Who’s watching while drunk ?

  • I like food

    I eat the universe
    I drink air
    What does “sldjsiche” mean
    I’m a cat
    Also I ate the earth

  • I’m sorry but I can control my self better when stoned and I’m not saying it to be cool

  • YY

    Author Reply

    Smoke weed, Don’t Drink !

  • Me: closes my right eye and I’m 50% less drunk

  • One thing its only enough if you had smoked once, YOU CANT COMPARE ALCOHOL TO WEED in any form, reasons just in anything.

  • This is pointless as being drunk ranges from being just a bit more relaxed to falling over and asleep. How one performs depends on where they are.

  • lol