Don't Starve Together with an Unlimited Players Mod was a terrible mistake

Don’t Starve Together, but we modded the server to allow more players and now everything is terrible

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Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm – all times based in Ireland.

Music is A Hat in Time – Train Rush.


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  • So it seems Youtube messed up and muted a portion of the video on release for no reason. I've now removed that part and resubmitted the video. It begins about the 3:28 mark and ends 20 seconds later. So thanks Youtube for doing that and not telling me! Hope everyone enjoys the video nonetheless

  • A ridiculously large exploration group in the amazon (1884) colorized

  • Screams in harmonius trumpet 1:30

  • The best time to play as Wes

  • F e e d

  • 2:47 (big bee spawns)
    That one guy: FOR FREEDOM

  • The comments were 669 I made 700


  • Train rush fits background song, cause it’s chaos and my iPads at 1%

  • This is where I found you back in 2018.

  • Hello

  • Every game RT touches gets destroyed and turned into comedy gold, I love it!

  • 😂 I made a server with lots of pigs, beefalo, bees and clockworks. It was chaos. pretty much endless food as long as you could stay away from the bishops long enough to get some weapons made.

  • Rt's laugh can cure cancer

  • whos whaching this in 2020

  • dont starve together is more like BORE RAGNAROK

  • rtgame: only carrots and frogs for food
    me: well any wigfrids are gonna have a hard time!
    a wigfrid joins
    me: oh you poor soul

    (i main wigfrid, frogs are a nice food source but god are they a pain too kill)

  • RT's laughter as he spawns into the world full of crap everywhere is flawless

  • Oh god… Webber's and willow mains are the raiders of the game 😂😂😂

  • 3:04 this is literally the “this is fine” meme

  • Surprisingly my pc can handle the amount of entities spawning at one time

  • I would be Wilson or Webber
    Edit: 4 da beard

  • Please do something like this again that was hilarious watching so many people run around like that

  • “What if I put it all on lo-“
    Cuts to pure chaos

  • oh yes don't starve together the only game where your people can't imitate the effects of a meteor

  • How beefy is your pc man

  • If everyone chose Webber they could’ve made a spider war and eat the monster meat


  • I once made a world that was lots for everything and got in. I died 3 seconds later.

  • Charlie: ಠ_ಠ

  • I see that Hat it Time music. you can't hide it from me, rt.

  • This is just Australia!

  • I’ve put everything on “lots” before.

  • 2:46 Mega-Vespiquen confirmed?

  • "The first thing you need to do is to just stock up on some honey and you need to gather some resources. Yo, Don't Starve is a game all about wilderness survival, and the first step to surviving in the wild is to just make sure that you're prepared for whatever may come……"
    *(camera pans out to world war 3)*
    "…your way…"

  • Did RT really play a game if it doesn’t start chugging?

  • Sets Catcoons to Lots

    "Wow, there's a lot of Catcoons."

  • Petition to make the catcoon apocalypse a real thing

  • Humanity in a nutshell…

  • Parents: go outside, it's beautiful
    Grandparents: go outside, it's beautiful
    Outside: 1:11

  • ok ok so heres the catch people think boi you think minecraft bees are big look at terrarias but look at our queen be about 60x bigger than the player

  • dear god

  • Starvation is the least of your worries at this point

  • "What happens if we put everything on- oH gOoD lOrD!!!!"

    That, uh… Sums up RT's channel in a nutshell.

  • There's a frickin crow in the thumbnail

  • fire started
    RTgames: this is fine

  • ded