DIY Pints – Tuck Boxes

There are many means to organize your games. Some use baggies or rubber bands. Others make or buy custom inserts. On this episode of DIY Pints we’ll look at an easy way to make a tuck box for your cards.

Scissors / Exacto Knife
Table Knife (for scoring)
Double-Sided Tape / Glue
Safe Cutting Area
Tuck Box Printout

You can browse the link below for pre-made tuck box files or search for the game you’re looking for on their home page, scroll down to the file section to see if there are any templates for that game.

Pub Meeple’s Smash Up Tuck Boxes:
Base Game –
Awesome Level 9000 Expansion –
The Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion –
Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion –
Monster Smash Expansion –
Big Geeky Box Expansion –
Pretty Pretty Smash Up Expansion –


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  • What can you use if you are making a board game? Is it hard chipboard or what?

  • lovely boxes.. I just happen to think Smash Up is a bit of an odd choice. It has such an excellent insert already. It's not like say… DC Deckbuilding Game. Anyway nice job. I'd have liked to see more on how you do the rounding parts because I can't exactly use a a ruler for that. It's my kryptonite.

  • Cool. The only thing I do also is spray the card stock after I print the tuck boxes with a clear gloss coat spray paint. I get the cheap spray paint from Walmart. $3-4 a can. I spray the back and front to seal the ink so that when you cut and fold them the ink does not chip or smear, also it makes the card stock more stiff and water proof. I wear gloves and spray outside for the nasty fumes. Walmart sells 110 lb. card stock for about $5-7 for 150 sheets. I have done this for over 25 games. Works fantastic!