Dat Crypto Pimp Game! (Decentralize Yo Hoes!) (Crypto Friends Only!)

Just Chopping Up Some Pimp Game due to that CryptoCurrency. Picking Up Women is Easier Than Ever Before. I ONLY want To hang out with Other Crypto Investors and get Some Pussy =)
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The Best Exchange to Trade

If you wan to show me some Love
Ether: 0x94103b9723f106b26b54e6dceff7527ee6c309fb
DogeCoin: DKi5F8oQXQD4NZQNyxCN5tDdLBkLyve6JG (Orginal Crypto T-shirts)
Learn about The New Permanent Decentralized Internet called IPFS
(Start Earning Crypyo From The NEW Youtube called LBRY !)$/invite/@CryptoRootz (If you appreciate the crypto game i be spittin, you can always buy me a Pizza! =)


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