Craft in America: QUILTS episode Learn about contemporary quilters from diverse traditions as we celebrate the important role quilts have played in our country’s story. Featuring Susan Hudson, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Michael A. Cummings, Judith Content, the International Quilt Museum, and special guest Ken Burns. QUILTS episode premiered on PBS Dec 27, 2019.

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  • I'd love for this to be a series. This was just so educational and inspiring.

  • Loved this. I am an African and Native American Quilter and Fiber Artist. This was very inspiring.

  • Hayata! Awesomeness.

  • Watch

  • 43:00 shame on you for glorifying illegal activity. Shame on you!!!!

  • Thank you. I have been making lap robes and baby quilts.

  • At 2:50 I feel slightly offended by the woman remarks I hand piece and hand quilt I enjoy the process of making by hand if I sit behind a machine I feel like quilt making is a chore it's "peace" work for me

  • Thank you for this exceptional program. When reading the remarks I felt like I was visiting with friends. I am 92, have made only about ten quilts and since I seem to lack that special quilt touch four of them were whole cloth. I just didn’t seem to have a gift for coordinating color when piecing. Quilt on, Ladies!

  • How predictable and disappointing this was. Art in quilts only matters if men or native Americans/Indians or blacks (mostly men) are doing them or on they’re on environmental topics, blah blah blah. Quilts by various unknown women as purchased by a well known historian, well, we made it in there at least. (Ken Burns gets it, as always.). Almost nothing about what 90% of Quilter’s have been about. Thankfully they caught the quilt museum in NE, and Quilts of Valor. But what about the history of quilting from quilters? What about the movements within the quilting world, traditional/modern/etc.? I could go for hours, but I’d rather spend it sewing and looking at the works of my fellow quilters, thank you very much.

  • This was such and amazing episode. Please keep doing full length episodes.

  • What a great episode, I love this channel!
    Quilting has been a new favorite addiction of mine and I learned from several very talented women.

  • Oh, how I'm inspired by each individual story and artist. … For years I've been sleeping under two quilts handmade by my mother. 🧵🧷

  • Woww dear

  • The Navajo woman telling how her mother smacked her hand when she made a sewing mistake because they smacked her hands in a Residential School. My grandmother grew up in a well to do german american family and went to private schools. They smacked her hands too when she made mistakes. It's a generational thing. My grandmother never smacked my hands when I screwed up sewing. She just told me how she'd been smacked back when she was a child.

  • Beautiful documentary beautiful people.

  • Amazing, I enjoyed watching it.❤️

  • 日本人の方のキルトがみたいです

  • I rescued a crazy quilt from the side of the road. It was signed and dated. It was covered in embroidery, bead embroidery, and made of silks, velvets, brocade. It had a fancy edge I had not seen on other quilts. The Mckissick museum asked for people to bring in quilts so that they could be recorded by photographing them and they sewed a label stating that on it. A few years later my husband was cleaning up and decided it wasn't worth keeping so he threw it away. He threw it away.
    He is my ex husband now

  • Never seen anything like it I love sewing they are just beautiful

  • I am speechless! Great documentary: besides being a great Art form, they tell important stories of American History. I am a quilter that began as a studio artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Being disabled in a horrible accident, I turned from painting to quilting and I've never looked back. Thank You for this documentary; it establishes quilting as an Art form for sure! I LOVED this as it confirms my artistic direction.

  • I met Susan at the Heard Museum in Scottsdale,AZ. She is a friend of one of my dear friends and am delighted to know her. She is sweet and bold at the same time. Her quilts are marvelous and tell heartbreaking stories.

  • I no longer have a TV….got sick of watching all the horrors going on in the world! I did so want to watch this program however. Thanks for letting me do that on Utube! Love it.

  • My mother-in-law told me about this episode and I’ve been saving it on our DVR . I’m so excited to be able to share it with my social media friends!

  • Thank you to all the sponsors for making this video become a reality. It has inspired, amazed and touched my heart to see all these beautiful, mindful and interesting fabric art works.

  • Beautiful ! This touches my soul, as an American Indian. My grandmother was born in a cave and I have no way to prove my heritage but I honor it all the same. God Bless all the Indian Nations .

  • Giving a quilt you put all your time and love into to someone you care about or someone in need really is the best part of making a quilt. I really feel that receiving a gift someone put that much care into is such a true form of love! They are my favorite gifts to give and receive! It's equally a little piece of the giver and the receiver.

  • So proud to be a quilter in Nebraska! Hi Jonathan Gregory.

  • "Something Greater than their parts". What a wonderful definition of a Quilt!

  • What a wonderful episode ❤️

  • Art yells at you about wheither it's done or if it still asks for something.

  • Leave it to PBS to completely ruin what could have been a fabulous episode. Instead of showcasing the quilt — it's beginnings, it's history, it's evolution from practical to artistic — PBS had to make it mostly about liberal activism. Most of these "quilts" are awful. This isn't about the craft quilting and the women who practice the art; it's about political activism and the glorification of liberal ideology.

  • Love this! I spent alot of time on the Navajo reservation growing up.

  • Amazing

  • Deeply touched my heart! I am 79 and have been hand-sewing since about 6. Embroidery to tell stories at age 10 when Daddy bought for me an embroidery tea towek kit. I made endless pillow cases sheets and table cloths. Even my dresses in High School. Being from Salt Lake City, I grew up with The Mormon Quilting Guild. My passion for quilts started in 1970. Today I am quilting along with great joy & enthusiasm. This video is profound. Thank you all.

  • I am divinely inspired!!!! Thank you!

  • wow fantastic quilts and stories

  • Such a beautiful video. Very informative.

  • Quilting is my therapy, so I really enjoyed this episode. ❤❤❤

  • The Navajo lady quilter’s segment is extraordinary. Thanks 💐💐💐

  • This is a very informative and interesting film. I'm English and find quilt making releaves stress in my busy life. Choosing the fabrics and designing with my 3 cats is my favourite part of the making process and having a cat sleep on the finished quilt is like winning the lottery.

  • Such a beautiful and interesting history of quilts. Many thanks for uploading.

  • Love the history and the art

  • Thank you, for posting this episode. I saw the first one on television, but that was serendipitous. I had no idea when to look for another. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Just truly fabulous!!!!