Carolina Panthers vs. New York Giants Week 5, 2018

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  • I was at the game met saquon and obj NYC baby

  • shut the front door

  • 63 yards, Gano doesn't get enough credit for killing it

  • Giants got robbed at the end. CMC did NOT get that 1st down! Cam spiked it on 4th and inches.

  • As a Panthers fan, the Giants should've won but it is what it is. Sorry Vagiants fans 😂😂😂

  • The biggest shock of this video is Pam Oliver, she is still an attractive lady. I haven't seen her in 25 years and didn't believe she was still covering sports. She has to be close to 60 years old

  • Hi panters

  • この試合マジで好き

  • They really spiked on 4th and 1 and mcraffrey never got the 1st down…smhhh

  • What a game

  • I’m gonna miss James Bradberry. What are the odds that he’s a Giant now

  • I miss this defense from the first 8 weeks. Second 8 weeks we were garbage. I’m a panther fan if you couldn’t tell

  • Cam Newton as Quaterback , Luke Kuechly as linebacker , and Ron Rivera as the coach.

    These were the days💯💯💯💯

  • Back when the Giants were relevant

  • Hopefully panthers will win Superbowl next year

  • Imagine if McCaffrey was on the saints with Tatum Hill that would deadly duo

  • Cam almost got Funchess killed in this game

  • Whoever didn’t know this wasn’t the OBJ vs Norman game doesn’t know how to read. Also this is a very underrated game, and an incredible ending.

  • 2018 was one of the best seasons in recent memory, and even though SB LIII was a bit of a let down, it was a great defensive game

  • As much as people enjoy this game it shows how bad of a coach Ron is. Never should have been close and his numerous boneheaded and stupid decisions made this game close when it should have been a blowout. Glad that idiot is gone. Washington is gonna hate him.