Can You Handle These Asian Drinking Games?

“When you guys are involving numbers and alcohol, already I’m f*cked in this situation.”

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Korean Traditional Rice Liquor, Popular Dink in South Korea
lamnee/Getty Images
Cartoon Beer Brewing Color Icons Set. Vector
Bigmouse108/Getty Images
Three Beer Glasses in Various Stages
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  • Buxzzfeef is chicken pellet food for morons

  • Asian drinking games are actually the best

  • Asian games are weird lol

  • If you're looking for new drinking games, give this a go: I designed my app, Naked English, to help English students improve their pronunciation, but realised the tongue twisters would also make a brilliant drinking game: lowest % match has to chug. Brilliant in its simplicity and always a tonne of fun. Search for Naked English in the iOS AppStore, give it try at your next drinkathon and let me know what you think

  • "That's what he said"

  • they played the finger game wrong but ok

  • omg rose is so attractive 😍

  • Chinese drinking game = 15/20 and lying dice

  • Play Azn Flush Card Game! It’s exactly like Cards and Humanity ! I wanna see!

  • I read it as, "can these Asian handle this drinking game.

  • im surprised there was no asianglow

  • I want Ned and Eugene to do the pocky challenge. Like if you get the reference

  • who’s the asian girl?!

  • who is the Asian guy? so cute

  • Who is the guy in the middle with the blue shirt???? :O

  • Korean daddy af tho god damn

  • SanseSanse

    Author Reply

    Search for Circle Drinking Game in the Apple App Store and thank me later

  • whyd you pull away from pocky? thats one game id never lose im a fuckin animal

  • Americans are soooo wet, these are not hard drinking games, you need to play British drinking games

  • L CL C

    Author Reply

    I wish people would stop being SO defensive about how Asia doesn’t include Middle East, India, etc. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    When people say “Asia” they’re talking about ethnicity and race NOT the entire continent.

    Ethnicity: the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.

    Race: a group of people sharing the same culture, history, language, etc.; an ethnic group.

    PLUS Korea is known to be quite the drinkers and our drinking culture is huge. We have all sorts of games, rules, etc and I guess that stands out a lot.
    (yes I know other people would say the same in their area but once you experience the Korean way you will know what I mean)

  • I wanna play the pocky game but no one would play it with me. Not even my closest friend wants to, even tjo u technically can just bite it off or pull away whenever. With onky losing as a consequence